Vietnam highlight Tours

Known as one of the safest tourism destinations in the world, Vietnam has now become popular for its stunning landscape and unique culture. With many of Vietnam highlight tours are from the country’s natural wonders and the social culture, this letter-S land has a lot to offer you on your Vietnam tours. From the hustle and bustle of the old quarters of Hanoi along with its metropolitan groove as a big city to adventurous trekking in Hoang Su Phi, where you have the opportunity to meet the ethnic minorities or cruising on the emerald water of Halong Bay… soon you will find yourself being overwhelmed by how diverse your tourism activities can become in the Northern Vietnam. For the area of Central Vietnam, the beauty within the alleys and old houses of Hoi An ancient town, the lively urban life of Danang city and the luxurious but chill-out atmosphere of Nha Trang, along with old quarters, royal mausoleums and riverside promenades of the ever so tranquil Hue – the city with long history of the famous Nguyen dynasty to tell, cruising along the Huong (Perfume) river… to name but a few from the Vietnam highlight Tours.

Vietnam highlights - breathtaking beauty of destinations

Vietnam highlights - breathtaking beauty of destinations

Down to the Southern Vietnam, the metropolitan pulse of renowned Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) will make Saigon city a perfect tourism destination to visitors, as the place is fulfilled with both modern and traditional places to travel to. Moreover, discovering Cu Chi Tunnels is fascinating and fun, along with travelling to the Mekong Delta, which awaits you with a warm welcome from the local people. With sampan ride along the rivers for a rare glimpse at the mangrove forests, cruising between floating markets for souvenirs, local goods and food, staying at a local homestay with rural cuisine and culture, etc… this area is just as promising as your travel to Vietnam can be. Think of a summer getaway, a new trip to a land you have never been there before, or just a small vacation with your family and/or friends, Vietnam is one of those suitable choices for you to think of at the first time.

Seizing such rising demand in travelling to Vietnam, Vietnam Original Travel has designed and come up with various kinds of Vietnam highlight tours for our customers. With our current Vietnam highlight tours, you can choose to travel from one to three weeks – all from North to South, city to villages with all of the essential highlights included in the itinerary of the tour package, along with certain tourism activities that make your trip even more memorable. We also offer unique Vietnam highlight tours for visitors who love discovering new lands with breathtaking landscape, amazing wonders, friendly local people and traditional culture altogether. Moreover, if you already have an idea of your ideal Vietnam highlight tours, we will gladly listen and customize the package as you suggest. No tours are alike, and so being yours.

Before you click on a tour package for more information, take sometimes to watch this video of Vietnam’s sceneries from above. Such beauty like that should not be missed during your travel to Vietnam.

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