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Are you planning your Cambodia tours and vacation packages ?

Let enjoy your Cambodia tours and vacation packages because it is not a difficult dream. Making Cambodia tours and vacation packages to discover this beautiful country known for the majestic temples of Angkor, welcoming and hospitable locals. Cambodia is a rich country in culture and history which will offer you great discovery and wonderful experience. As a top local travel agency in Cambodia, Vietnam Original Travel is always available and listens to accommodate your needs and budget. Come to explore all facets of this beautiful destination and obtain amazing knowledge with our travel experts. If this is your first Cambodia tours and vacation, following presentation will be very useful and fulfill your curiosity.


Siem Reap - Cambodia


After three decades of civil war, Cambodia has emerged on the tourist map. The beautiful country has opened to the world which is listed in the most authentic destinations in Southeast Asia. Named as the country of temple, the country has contained myths which attract tourists. Cambodia has its own pristine and fabulous beauty of architectural ensembles which have existed for long time with simplicity and friendliness.

Let make Cambodia tours and vacation packages today an there are many things to do for travellers so at any time come back to Cambodia, travellers will find a new chance of discovery of new things in the temple country. If you have experienced basically travelling to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, let have a different trips to the South and off shore of this country – where is the place of famous Kampot and Sihanoukville.


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Let's travel to Cambodia with our local travel agency in Siem Reap et in Phnom Penh to fall in love with the welcoming and smiling locals and beauty. Your Cambodia tours  and vacation packages are surely unforgettable.

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