Our legality

You are finding a reputable and safe travel agency in Vietnam?

Vietnam Original Travel is one of the best tour operators and travel agencies in Vietnam with different offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Thailande. We are approved by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism with the inbound Tour Operator License No : 01024/TCDL – GPLHQT, special license for tourism sector and the Business License No : 0102388399 since October 2007.

The legality of Vietnam Original Travel is guaranteed by a deposit in the bank named Vietcombank – www.vietcombank.com.vn, the biggest bank in Vietnam.

Business Licence Inbound Tour Operator License


Note: All tour operators and travel agencies in Vietnam must have this inbound tour operator license which requires a long and laborious operation. Some scammers pretend to represent real companies by selling tours, excursions, cruises and hotels via online with cheap price. However, these tour operators and travel agencies in Vietnam are not members of Vietnam Travel Agency Association. In any case of problems, nobody will take care and be responsible. Because they do not have legally registered offices, it is impossible to make them responsible.

We strongly advise you to avoid such tour operators and travel agencies in Vietnam as well as freelance tour guides who theoretically have no right to offer tourism-related services.

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