Vietnam Responsible travel

Economic responsibility

We hire local guides in each destination in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand to save the costs and provide jobs...We also use local services to enhance the well-being of host communities and improve daily lives by generating greater income benefits for the locals such as guesthouses, hotels, homestays...Besides, we teach them how to protect the environment and cultural identity. We book the local guesthouses and homestays for our customers to discover the local culture, custom and cuisine.

On the other hand, our customers are always advised to buy locally made souvenirs, purchase fair trade products and support responsible tourism organizations.


Environmental responsibility

A fresh environment makes a strong tourism sector. Both the locals and visitors want to discover and experience the beauty from an unpolluted and pure environment. Accordingly, we always ask our customers and our destinations staff to:

  • Carry their own bag instead of using plastic bags
  • Leave nature as it is
  • Minimize energy use in local destinations
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle
  • No litter

Besides, we do not use paper for marketing but via internet. We tell our friends, relatives and colleagues to use the internet instead of paper for the environment protection.

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