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Indonesia is a largest island country in the world which is famous for its 13,000 big and small islands making the country strange beauty. Referring to Indonesia, we cannot ignore Bali island which offers pristine landscape with clear emerald water and romantic long white sandy beach. Besides, the island owns many luxurious and ancient palaces and temples and pagoda with unique architectures.


Bali island is the proud of Indonesian because of being top destination to tourists in all over the world. The island is also recognized as “the island of gods” which is attractive to many tourists thanks to primeval jungles, beautiful long beach, grandiose mountain ranges, like-panting terraced rice fields…

Bali is not only attractive due to its natural landscape, but also a hidden charm which is the unique culture with different festivals and mysterious temples on the sea. Tourists can see large and small temples scattered everywhere from Tampak Siring temple located in the jungle to Pura Taman Ayun surrounded by ditch of water…


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