Vietnam is an S-shaped strip of land, like a bamboo pole supporting a rice basket on each end. Vietnam borders China to the North, Laos to the west and Cambodia to the Southwest. The country has a varied and lush terrain with two deltas, tropical forests, rugged mountain ranges, rock formation and a coastline.

Vietnam is imagined with wet forests and hot sun. Vietnam is tropical but can be found as a real range, from chilly mountaintops and cool highland regions to sun-drenches coastlines. COME TO SEE VIETNAM to discover and love the friendliness, hospitability and generosity


Vietnam is situated in both a tropical and a temperate zone. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity. The best time to travel to Vietnam is from March to May and from October to November as the entire country has a decent sunshine and clear sky.

Vietnam Weather


Vietnam can be divided into three different geographical and climatic zones: North, Center and South.

Northern feature:

The North is coolest area of the country. Northern temperatures range from 12oC to over 35oC. Winter months from November to January can be very chilly, especially in mountainous regions (could be as low as 0oC in Sapa, Mau Son…). It is very hot and humid in the summer (could be as high as 38oC) and rainy season is from May to October. The best time to visit the North, though cold in mid-winter is from November to early May.


Central feature:

The weather of the Center is divided into 2 main regions: North Central Coast and South Central Coast.

North Central Coast:

-          Summer months, between May and August, are relatively hot

-          Best time to visit Central Vietnam is spring months, from February to May.

South Central Coast:

-          Best time to travel to South Central Coast of Vietnam is January to March.

-          The weather in summer months is relatively dry, and allows for a good beach holiday, but it can get hot in summer


Southern feature:

Is steamy hot year round and has subtropical with 2 different seasons: dry and rainy season (the former is from October to May and the latter is from June to October). There is a slight change in temperature which remains around 26 and 32 degree.

You are highly recommended to check the current weather of your destinations before departure because of the unpredictable climate changes all over the world.



It is 7 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +7).



Vietnamese is the official national language. Besides, English is widely spoken.



The official currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong (VND). However, USD, EUR, Visa and Master card are widely accepted: 1USD = 22 300 VNĐ & 1 euros = 24 000 VNĐ

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