Our Philosophy

Are you curious to know our philosophy ?

With stunning landscapes, long lasting cultures, rich arts and traditions, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand are the most attractive countries in the Asia. Based on the criteria, we provide distinctive programs associated with nature and spiritual cultures. Visit religious and colonial architectures, rural villages, floating markets; walk on the small and crowded streets with colorful shops, beautiful gardens; or enjoy specialties.


Our tour itineraries are designed to meet perfectly your expectations and ensure to bring the best service with best prices. Our service is based on the training and support. We believe that the difference is affirmed by many activities besides common ones which are quality of care, foods, accommodation and entertainment…In short, service quality is our mission…your pleasure is our ambition.

We would like you to discover Asia and provide customized tours from the off the beaten track to avoid touristy areas. We are always with you on the trips to see locals people and to discover their unique cultures and custom, those are our tourism philosophy. On the way, you will have great chances to immerse into the beauty of nature landscape, meet friendly, hospitable and smiling people.


Vietnam Original Travel does not only provide tours to you, but also develop sustainable tourism through communicating, overnight at the local homestays and sharing the daily life of the locals. Our knowledge about Southeast Asia and the connection with local branches allow us to organize your expected trips. You will decide your trips and remember travel with full of confidence. We will take care of all things when receiving your requests.

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