Our Story


Logo of Vietnam Original Travel is the reflection of nostalgia of my childhood. Born in a quiet and beautiful village in the Red River Delta in where rice paddies look like a colorful giant checkerboard with gracious and hospitable peasants in conical hats working under rainy and sunny days, children on the buffalo playing the flute and flying kites. The red roof houses surrounded by bamboo lines and scattered beautiful lotus ponds can be found everywhere.

Buffalo are very close to the famers in Vietnam. They play an important role in agricultural countries. Not only do they help the field related works such as, plowing, weeding… but also they are used to transport food and villagers.

Vietnam is known for its long standing civilization as well as the country of rice. The wet rice, smiling farmers, buffalo and kids’ flute sound are beautiful characters of Vietnam. There has not been much change from my childhood since decades… All these things have inspired many poets, artists and singers. Sharing the pictures of county is my passion. I therefore wish to present Vietnam – a modest, simple but friendly and welcoming country to friends all over the world.


Logo meaning

I link my familiar pictures of childhood to my company’s logo as an introduction of Vietnam beauty – an unique and reliable way.

The bamboo-made fences and boys on the buffaloes are the Vietnam symbol. The symbol of Vietnam Original Travel is not only the symbol of culture and religion, but the symbol of hospitality, friendliness of Vietnam in general and the whole team of the company in particular.


Company’s name

Vietnam Original Travel presents our commitment to a perfect quality and outstanding service. Every traveler is considered as our guests and we promise to supply the best with the hope that you all will be our friends. Customers’ satisfaction always brings us joy and encouragement.


The man behind the company’s name and logo

A great passion…

In 2005: Mr Duc Manh founded Vietnam Original Travel after a long time of being a professional guide in reputable travel companies in Vietnam.

Then, he decided to start his own company to show his beautiful and friendly country to international friends in the world.

In 2008: He expanded the company to connect with branches in Cambodia: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and Laos: Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

In 2014 : He expanded the company to connect with branches in Thailand and Myanmar

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