The Best Travel Guide Of Phu Yen Vietnam 2023

Situated on the central coast of Vietnam, Phu Yen must be a "not-to-miss" destination for those yearning for getting away from the hustle of urban daily life. The lyrical landscape, breezing coaches and lovely locals in Phu Yen will definitely be worth your visit. Check out the best travel guide of Phu Yen Vietnam 2023 article to see why Phu Yen cannot be skipped when traveling to Vietnam.



Situated on the central coast of Vietnam, Phu Yen also has the name as the land of rising sun. This is a promising destination, where tourists can not only find mountains, rivers, shores but also cultural heritages and abundant cuisine. Without surprise, Phu Yen will amaze every tourist with its untouched and peaceful beauty.


Like most provinces in the central region of Vietnam, Phu Yen has a humid tropical climate. Its climate is literally impacted by the ocean, which also contributes to the division of two main seasons. The dry season is from January to August and the rainy one is from September to December. 

Traveling to Phu Yen in the dry season is much more recommended because rains may come and strike your schedule. During the days of January to August, the weather will be fresh, sunny while the sea will be more blue. Hence, it is also the best time for tourists to visit Phu Yen and enjoy the vibrant lifestyle here.


3.1. By motorbike

For adventurous-seeker tourists, moving to Phu Yen Vietnam by motorbike must be an ideal choice to enrich the memorability of your trip. From Saigon, tourists can move along National Route 1. The motorbike trip will take about 11 hours with 505 kilometers. By riding the bike, visitors can enjoy the poetic scenery of the Vietnam coast along the street. However, this type of transportation requires high skill from the riders to face unexpected circumstances on the way.


3.2. By car and limousine

Cars and limousines are more suitable for families to travel to Phu Yen. With the same road length, the advantage of traveling by car is that there is no worry about weather outside. One tip for you is remember to bring snacks and convenient sleeping accessories as the trip would take such a long time.

3.3. By train

The railway to Phu Yen is selected as one of the most lyrical railways in Vietnam. The train trip is about 10 hours, starting from Hoa Hung Station (District 3) to Tuy Hoa station. Traveling by train enables tourists to do nothing but relax and admire the scenery to get the sense of Vietnam. Moreover, it is more cost-effective with approximately 800.000 VND per ticket.

3.4. By plane

If you want to find the fastest way to reach Phu Yen province, booking a flight is definitely the answer for you. Only taking more than 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh City, traveling by plane would help you to save time for your journey to Phu Yen. 


4.1. Bai Mon Beach

Reaching Phu Yen without visiting Bai Mon beach must be a pity. This beach is located below Mui Dien lighthouse and well-known for its untouched beauty. The name “rising sun land” of Phu Yen has the origin from Bai Mon as it is the first place welcoming dawn in Vietnam. With the length of white-and-smooth seashore meets 400 meters, this small beach will please every newcomer.

4.2. Vung Ro Bay

From Tuy Hoa city, tourists will go along the national highway 1A to reach Vung Ro Bay. This small-but-poetic bay is not only a tourist attraction but also an important historical place of Phu Yen province. 50 years ago, Vung Ro was chosen as the vital part of the legendary Ho Chi Minh seatrail for moving weapons and supplies from the North to the South of Vietnam during the war time. Nowadays, Vung Ro has been developed for marine tourism where visitors can enjoy the spectacular landscape and join in water activities. 

4.3. Mang Lang Cathedral

With its long-historical existence, Mang Lang Cathedral is one of the oldest churches situated on the central coast of Vietnam. This famous destination also observed the development in the modern Vietnamese script as being the birthplace of the first Vietnamese Christian martyr. Tourists will be amazed by the special flowery pattern in the church’s architecture.


4.4. Mai Nha island

Dreaming about serenity after exhausting daily life? Mai Nha island in Phu Yen province must be a not-to-miss place for you and your getting-away trip. Loads of interesting marine activities are waiting to be explored, including swimming, sunbathing and even hill-trekking.

4.5. Nghinh Phong Tower

Nghinh Phong tower is well-known as a young-and-modern symbol of Phu Yen. The two-part architecture here has such a unique design containing a meaningful message: the higher part represents Lac Long Quan anh the shorter part represents Au Co (Lac Long Quan and Au Co are believed to be the parents of Vietnamese people). One special point in Nghinh Phong tower is that tourists can get the chance to listen to the wind music by standing between the two parts of the tower.

4.6. Da Dia Reef 

Da Dia in Vietnamese means the rocks having rounded shapes like plates. Mother nature has given Da Dia reef a breathtaking beauty through the strike of rocks impacted by the local volcano eruption. From the bird's eye view, this reef looks like a huge beehive in gray shining under the sunshine.



5.1. Fern-shaped rice cake (Banh beo)

In Vietnamese, fern-shaped rice cakes have the name “banh beo” because they look similar to green floating ferns. This traditional dish is so eye-catching with 3 colors: the white of rice flour, the orange of shrimp and meat, and the green of spring onion. Phu Yen people often eat it by pouring fish sauce into the bowl of cake.

5.2. Pancakes

Though pancakes are not weird in Vietnam, the Phu Yen pancakes still hit a difference with their appearance and ingredients. The cake is made with rice flour, fried ith a small amount of oil, and put squid or shrimp as topping. Chives are used to enhance the mouth-watering taste.


5.3. Snails and seafood

Thanks to its abundant coastal areas, Phu Yen has a wide range of snails and seafood. The sea creatures are caught and sold directly at the local market so you can buy whatever you want. For those who do not know how to cook, local restaurants will serve seafood dishes with reasonable prices. 

5.4. Shallot soup (Banh canh)

Listed in the best Vietnamese cuisine, the shallot soup in Phu Yen is cooked in a traditional way, which requires significant efforts from the local people. Fish bones are used to sweeten the soup, while the shallot is made by hand to retain the freshness of rice flour. Remember to put a little pepper!



With those who travel Phu Yen province for the first time, accommodation must be one of the most intriguing concerns to think about. Though the tourism in this province is not developed so well, the chain of hotels and resorts still meet your expectations. 

For traveling convenience, you should book a stay in Tuy Hoa city. Some recommendations for you are Rosa Alba Resort, Sala Grand Tuy Hoa Hotel, Saigon Phu Yen Hotel, etc. 


All useful information is presented in the best travel guide of Phu Yen Vietnam 2023 that we really hope that you will have such an unforgettable experience not only in Phu Yen province but also our country - Vietnam - in general. 

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