How to get cheap holidays to Vietnam

How to get cheap holidays to Vietnam ?

We are pleased to announce a new program that is cheap holidays to Vietnam which means a trip shared by a small group of people.

Vietnam Original Travel is one of the first Vietnam tour operators operating small group tours to Vietnam via online based on our truth, reliability and quality. We have organized tours for thousands of people to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand.


In order to fulfill perfectly the travelers’ expectation, we have decided to organize cheap holidays to Vietnam in small groups accordance with our standard that is allowing travelers combining enjoyment, discovering, relaxing and sharing but only pay a very reasonable price. The rule of this tour package is quite simple: the more people, the cheaper. To make the trip more enjoyable and relaxing, we limit the number of people in a group which is under 15 travelers.

Let’s grab and try our service to enjoy your cheap holidays to Vietnam in a small group tour. With an experienced English-speaking consultant team, we are committed to provide the cheap but quality tours.

Here are some tips for your Vietnam tour packages with reasonable expenses.

Travel in the low season 

From May to September is the low season for traveling in Vietnam when you can find great deals from Vietnam travel agency. During this time, many services will be discounted such as, airlines, hotels, restaurants and transportation…

Book flight tickets on time

You should book this service at least 6 months to 01 year before departure which will offer you a discount of 10-15%. If possible, try to book the flights during weekday and avoid flying at weekend (fully filled up by travelers) or Monday and Friday (filled up by business people). Avoid taking direct flights but use low-cost airlines or transiting flights.

Travel in Vietnam by trains

This way should be chosen for the route Hanoi – Hue, Ninh Binh – Dong Hoi, Danang – Nha Trang or Saigon, Nha Trang – Saigon all of which offer cheaper prices than flying.


Travel to Vietnam in a bigger group

Travel to Vietnam in a bigger group which should be perfectly 4 to 6 people which give you a reduction from 20%-30% cheaper compared to the group of 2 people.

Choose an off the beaten track

Avoid the mass tourism but choose the un-touristic places where have not too developed in tourism and living cost is not too expensive. Northern Vietnam is an ideal place for your off-the-beaten-track. Have a look here to get detail about the tour in Northern Vietnam.

Overnight at homestay instead of hotels

This is the best way to explore the local life when you sharing culture with the hosts. In Vietnam, especially at the homestay of ethnic minorities, you should expect the standard of facilities including bathroom with hot water, mattress, fans…but all of them are clean. Overnight at homestay has become popular and chosen by many travelers when you get closer to the original local culture and it is the best way to understand about the country.

Do not have meals at luxury restaurants

Do not have meals at luxury restaurants but try local street food or at homestay of which proves the best places to meet and get to know the local culture.


Book tour directly with a Vietnam travel agency 

Do not book through intermediary to enjoy a cheaper cost. Also, being local tour operator, Vietnam agencies can design the tour perfectly fitting your expectation. On the other hand, if you do “do-it-yourself” tour with a travel book on hand, you may do a longer trip but get a bit which finally costs you much more including time and money than doing tour with an agency.

Hope that all above hints will give you an overview of the trip to Vietnam so you can know what to do to get cheap holidays in Vietnam.

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