Hoi An culinary day tour

What could be even better than a trip to the famous Hoi An with many delicious food to try? Hoi An culinary day tour is just what you need for this unique chance. Let's practice and learn more of cooking & cutting techniques, while enjoying dishes such as fresh Spring Rolls & Shrimp, Green papaya Salad, or Grilled tuna in banana leave and Crispy Pancake...


With this Hoi An culinary day tour from Vietnam Original Travel, you will get to experience all of the highlights in Hoian: from the morning local fish market to the famous vegetable and herb village of Tra Que. Later, take part in a special cooking class in Morning Glory – one of the best cooking schools in Vietnam. Also, discover the peaceful green rural area of Hoian on cyclo and experience the daily life of local people residing at the banks while cruising along Thu Bon River.

Itinerary & maps

Practice and learning cooking & cutting techniques & how to use a Vietnamese vegetable grater & knife. You will get hands-on experience on bellow menu:
1. Fresh Spring Rolls & Shrimp
2. Green papaya Salad
3. Grilled tuna in banana leave
4. Crispy Pancake


Program details

In the morning, visit a crowded and busy local market near Hoian, which is very well-known for being the wholesales market with fresh fishes in town, then return to Hoi An for breakfast at Cao Lau Restaurant – a signature dish of the town. After that, travel to Tra Que herb village near Hoian. This village is very famous for growing organic herb for supplying to Hoian. You will interact with local farmers and learn more about different kinds of herb and how to plant them. Visit to a local handmade bread shop before going to Morning Glory restaurant for cooking class with Ms. Vy and followed by lunch.

You will start with a market tour to learn about Vietnamese ingredients & how to choose fresh foods, followed by a short talk on the art of Vietnamese gastronomy, vegetables, herbs & spices & how to prepare & use them in an hour before the cooking class.

The cooking class includes learning cooking & cutting techniques and how to use Vietnamese vegetable grater & knife. You will get hands-on experience with the menu below:
1. Fresh Spring Rolls & Shrimp
2. Green papaya Salad
3. Grilled tuna in banana leaves
4. Crispy Pancake


In the afternoon, depart for a trip to Cam Nam Village by the cyclo. You will have the first stop for an opportunity to take photo of the daily activities and sceneries on Thu Bon River. You may also take more photos while the cyclo taking you through the Thu Bon River banks and have another stop for a panoramic view of Hoi An. After that, cycle through the local villages of Cam Nam - one of a few untouched areas by tourism with very friendly and hospitable local people. From there you can experience the daily life and activities of the local people, or even observe the interior of their house and lives. The cyclo trip will be ended at a green small canal covered by water coconut trees, where you will get on the boat and take a cruise to Thu Bon River. Come back to Hoian in the late afternoon, have dinner and stay overnight in Hoian. 

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