Authentic Hoang Su Phi Trekking Tours

Hanoi - Na Cho - Lung Chun - Xuan Hoa - Tay Son - Nam Khoa - Nung Cu - Le Hong Phong - Ho Thau - Seo Phin - Nam Son - Nam Hong - Hanoi


Authentic Hoang Su Phi Trekking Tours bring you to the most beautiful area in Hoang Su Phi where you meet rarely other tourists and which get you much closer to the local people and culture. You will not only totally satisfy your trekking, but see the professionalism in tourism of people in Hoang Su Phi.

Itinerary & maps

authentic-hoang-su-phi-trekking-toursDay 1: Hanoi - Na Cho

Day 2: Na Cho - Lung Chun 

Day 3: Lung Chun - Xuan Hoa 

Day 4: Xuan Hoa - Tay Son 

Day 5: Tay Son - Nam Khoa 

Day 6: Nam Khoa - Nung Cu

Day 7: Nung Cu - Le Hong Phong 

Day 8: Le Hong Phong - Ho Thau 

Day 9: Ho Thau - Seo Phin 

Day 10: Seo Phin - Nam Son 

Day 11: Nam Son - Nam Hong 

Day 12: Nam Hong - Hanoi

Program details

Day 1: Hanoi - Quang Binh ~ 18km of trekking
In the morning, we will be met up at Pa Vay Su village – Yen Thanh commune – Quang Binh District. To start your very first day of the trip, we trek up via palm tree hill to Thuong Binh village, the Pa Then people . 2,4km out of the total 12km trek is concrete road to head to a village of the Tay people. 
We have lunch or stay overnight (if picking up guest on lunch) at Tan Thuong village.
Moving to the H’Mông village at 600m peaks in the afternoon, reaching the top part of the mountain to see waterfall and an overnight stay at Na Cho Village (6km). You are now becoming a part of local life when we are welcomed as horned guests for overnight stay in Na Cho village.
Day 2: Trekking ~ 14,5km of trekking
Wake up and get ready to trek through to Nam Qua village (Dao Do people) for approximate 3km by concrete road and keep going through small caves, crossing over the streams, walking pass bamboo trees island for another 6km. Then stop over to enjoy your lunch. 
 At noon, passing tea hills, palm hills and rice terraces at 500m peak, then hiking down to the streams, and we can stop over here for refreshments or swim.
Your next destination is Lung Chun village – Tan Nam commune, which is about 5,5km distance by passing the streams, climbing up to the mountain at 700m peaks and stay one night.
Day 3: Trekking ~ 15-16 km of trekking
Start your third day, walking through the small streams again, as well as palm hills and also rice terraces - one of the most natural beauty of Vietnam, then trek though tea hills of the Dao Do people.
Lunch prepare after 8km hiking at a local family in a new village to discover – Nam Ngao village
In the afternoon, walk along the Song Chung hydropower. Dinner and overnight in Xuan Hoa village – Tiên Nguyên commune of the Dao Do people.
Day 4: Trekking ~ 22km of trekking
Your new adventure is visiting Dao Do village, enjoy rice terraced paddy fields view – the unforgettable beauty of Vietnam. We then climbing to tea hills, get up to the top of the mountain of bamboo forest at 800m peaks. And trekking down for about 1km on asphalt concrete road to reach a destination named Xuan Trieu village. Keep on hiking up to bamboo forest and rice terraces for another 1km by asphalt concrete road. Crossing Thuong Binh village towards Nam Cai village where have its own spectacular scenery of tea hills and rice terraces. Local dinner and an overnight stay in Tay Son village at 1000m peaks after a harder full day of hiking.
Day 5: Trekking ~ 15km of trekking
Waking up in the morning, you will definitely fall into the stunning natural landscape with rice terraces view at 1000m peaks. Daily life starts after breakfast, trek through Trung Thanh village and have lunch here. Then we walk over a suspension bridge, heading to Son Thanh Ha village - Nam Khoa commune. 
From here you will discover the wonderful scenery of natural waterfall, stream bath after a long day.
Day 6: Trekking ~ 13km of trekking
Delicious breakfast is ready to enjoy before keep moving on your journey through the Dao Do people’s rice terraces fields. Traditional lunch offered when you enter into Vinh Quang village after 7km walk Mr. Phung Sun Ho.
Walk along to Nung Cu village for 6km then you will stop to explore the village. Mush try dishes are waiting for you at dinner time in a family of the Nung people.
Day 7: Trekking12km of trekking
From this ethnic minority village, walk up to the top part of the mountain where has excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The other highlight of this trek is also experiencing the beauty of terraced rice paddies and tea hills. Then from the highest of the mountain, we walk on to meet the Dao Do people and have lunch at Hong An village – Nam Khoa commune.
After lunch, we continue walking for 6km to meet the Dao Ao Dai people and having our dinner at 5 Le Hong Phong village – Nam Son commune.
Day 8: Trekking15km of trekking
It will be interesting for you to get up and heading towards to Doan Ket village at 1100m peaks then we go through Tan Thanh village – Ho Thau commune for 8km. Lunch served at Mr. Phuong Choi Phin 
Enjoy your time of walking through 7km to the beautiful Chien Thang village – Ho Thau commune. Have dinner and stay 1 night.  
Day 9: Trekking14km of trekking
Another day of hiking will bring us to a new amazing place, passing ancient tea hills and walk 8km for lunch with the locals at Vinh Quang village – Ho Thau commune. 
Walk about 6km to the next destination, where the H’Mong people live. Dinner served at Seo Phin village – Nam Son commune and stay one night here.
Day 10: Trekking15km of trekking
Enjoy your breakfast at Mr. Su homestay and have lunch with the Tay people. To get there, we need to walk through where the H’Mong people live in Ta Ho Vien village – Nam Ty commune. Once we reach 3 Le Hong Phong village – Nam Son commune of Tay people, we have lunch here. We then climb to bamboo forest for rice terraced sightseeing and an overnight at Mr. Lo family.
Day 11: Trekking12 km of trekking
From Ta Ho Pien village, we will be crossing bamboo forest, Dao Do’s rice terraced paddies, trek through Phin Ho village and Nam Nghi village for 7km. Your lunch meal offered at Mr. Trieu Ta Hin’s home.
Trekking back to Hoang Su Phi Logde for 5km in the afternoon.
Day 12: Trekking - Hanoi
In the morning, we start the hiking trip from Hoang Phi Su Logde to Khoa Ha village, with rice terraces view, passing bamboo forests and tea hills for one last time. Lunch served at Khoa Ha village – Nam Khoa commune. We then hike through Ban Giang village – Gianh Ha commune, and trek down to Lang Giang village – Thong Nguyen commune. After lunch, return to Hanoi and overnight at hotel. 
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