Vietnam Food Tours

Have you ever heard of “phở” – a famous Vietnamese noodle soup that has been on many restaurants’ menus, the delicious and convenient “bánh-mì” sandwich that you have only seen through the pictures, or the spring rolls which you can try in many variations ? If you have heard or probably tried them already, you already had a clue of Vietnamese cuisine that combines both yin and yang, nature and human, look and taste altogether, is for a fantastic meal that you will enjoy. Not only Vietnam offers you a glimpse of its gorgeous landscape with many essential highlights, the country also has a huge Vietnamese food culture that awaits you to discover, which makes Vietnam become one of many visitors’ favorite tourism destinations.




As Deborah Cater has once said, “You have to taste a culture to understand it”, cuisine is a huge and quintessential part in every culture. It is also the easiest way for you to learn and appreciate the diversity of your travel destination. If you are a food lover, or just simply one who loves trying new dishes, Vietnamese food will be an ideal suggestion for you to think about. From traditional to modern dishes, from the original to the improvisational, Vietnamese cuisine has a lot for you to taste and discover while travelling to Vietnam. You can choose to enjoy the meal in a luxurious restaurant, or a simple one at a local street food vendor since they will both give you pleasure of good food and nice atmosphere. Moreover, you can take part in a cooking lesson to have yourself a fascinating experience as a chef, while earning more than just your newly-found ability of cooking. From a simple dish like “chả-giò” to something more complex like a bowl of BBQ pork with noodles, everything that you can try and learn at once is always available, as you got to learn more about such ingredients, fruits and herbs in Vietnamese cuisine.

If you are planning on giving your Vietnam tours a different and refreshing aspect, don’t forget to check out what Vietnam Original Travel offers you. Not only do we have Vietnam highlights tours for those who want to see the natural beauty of the country, we also have Vietnamese food tour as a unique and interesting offer to those who are eager for culinary experiences in Vietnam. Depends on where you want to travel and how long will you stay in the country, we have just as many tour options as you can choose, such as the culinary day tour in Saigon, Hoian or Hanoi. Moreover, you can choose to have a savor Vietnam 13 days tour – an ideal combination between visiting the highlights of the country and experiencing Vietnamese cuisine. With every culinary tour that we make, it’s not just only tasting all the time, you get to participate in a real cooking class with your own D.I.Y. dishes as the instructing chef directs you step by step. What could be better than tasting and cooking all these delicious dishes on your own, with such fresh and organic ingredients ?




And one more thing before you click on our available tour packages, let's take a look at this very special article about 25 Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes from author Mark Wiens of Migrationology for more ideas. With such suggestion like that, how can you miss the culinary party in Vietnam? 

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