Vietnam Bike Tours

Somebody may say that it was very common to go on a programmed tourism itinerary during one’s travel a decade ago, but as of current, lots of travelling demands with different kind of discovering have given many visitors more choices to gain such tourism experience with their own hobbies, abilities or interests. Have you ever thought of going on a vacation by bicycle only instead of being tired on the travel bus for the whole time? Or you are an active person who wants to have a trip with lots of healthy activities? From coast to mountain, from rural villages to wilderness, travelling through Vietnam by bike is a great idea for many visitors to try. If you ever have the idea of travelling differently from normal, cycling through Vietnam is definitely a suggestion for you.

bike tour route in Ha Giang, vietnam

Vietnam bike tours route in Vietnam

Now let’s take a moment to think about what Vietnam bike tours will bring to you. Not only you relive the excitement that we all have whenever travelling to a new land, you also have a closer look at Vietnam from your long-hour ride or walk to a new area, which brings your travel to another level. Imagine a long walk on the beach with refreshing drink on your hand to sip, with many people surrounding you with laughter, joy and friendliness… What’s even better is that you come there with a somewhat unintentional spirit, just a random stop after hours of cycling through the highway. Moreover, beautiful sceneries such as the notorious view from Hai Van Pass or the borderline between the forests and the sea while riding are moments for you to take a breath and seize the beautiful landscape right in front of your eyes. You can even take a different route for your own travel to discover the other way of cycling across the country if you want to, as you visit working pagodas, rice paddies, local markets, and more on your way.

Understanding the demand of a healthy travel with physical activities included in the program, Vietnam Original Travel has come up with unique Vietnam Bike Tours for visitors who want to explore the country’s beauty in an active and lively way. Not only you can cycle from one place to another to visit all the essential highlights of Vietnam, our travel agency in Vietnam will also assist you with more activities for you to take part in to make your trip even more memorable. Think of a long day cycling through the whole area, then you have dinner at a local homestay and spend the night with local people till the next morning for another ride, or a morning cycling through the paddy fields before taking a cooking class for lunch, it would be a total package for your summer getaway or family vacation. You can choose to travel by bike through Vietnam from 7 days to 12 days, which would be a great time to visit most of the country by riding. We also help customize your tour choice if you have any special request of modification, so your trip will definitely be one of a kind to the others.

vietnam bike tour

Vietnam bike tours - Amazing landscape of Northern mountain ranges

And now it’s time for you to check out our Vietnam bike tours packages, but still here are some of the questions about vietnam bike tours that you should take a look at. The more information you have, the better your travel will be!

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