Vietnam Tour Packages

Sometimes it’s just going to be harder in choices when you decide to travel to a new land. What is so special about that country? What should not I miss during my time over there? Where should I go?... these are just a few questions you might think of and ask yourself sometimes if you are planning on a trip. That’s very much true, many countries in the world are total packages by themselves – breathtaking nature, vibrant urban life at big city, historical sites… and Vietnam is also one of those lands. Halong Bay, Hanoi capital, Hoi An ancient town, the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh city, the floating markets in the Mekong Delta, the hidden gem Ha Giang… to name but a few from many usages. Even with the culture and cuisine of the country, Vietnam is definitely worth your Vietnam Tour Packages to discover it all – a trip during which you can enjoy visiting, participating, savoring and discovering all at once.



“What is the Vietnam tour packages” is the question which is often asked by tourists. In general, Vietnam tour packages are the tours which totally organized by a local travel agency in Vietnam from a local tour guide, car transfer, flight and train tickets, hotels, restaurants to entrance fees…In particular, the local travel agency in Vietnam can suggest the best place for shopping depending on the agencies’ services.

For Vietnam tour packages of Vietnam Original Travel; you only need to request an available tour on our websites or send your own tour our staff will always put all knowledge and experiences to exactly meet your wishes.



Seizing such rising demand in discovering the country, Vietnam Original Travel has come up with Vietnam Tour packages, a total package of discovering Vietnam through its nature, people, culture and cuisine from 2 to 3 weeks – all from North to South, city to villages with all of the essential highlights included in the itinerary of Vietnam tour packages, along with certain tourism activities that make your trip even more memorable. If you are planning to visit Vietnam in a longer period, these Vietnam tour packages are just right for you, as you will travel all over the country to experience more about Vietnam. Besides, you may also contact us if you want to make some changes or additional routes on your package choice. We will gladly listen and customize the tour as you wish, because no tours are alike, and so being yours.

1. Tour packages for the old

If you want to explore news destinations in Vietnam, but you are afraid of traveling due to the age issue, lets come to see us and pick up our Vietnam tour packages for the old which is totally suitable for the itinerary and destinations. However, the good things of this package is that it does not limit the ages; if you are planning to visit Vietnam with your grandparents, parents or the old; just send us the request.

For our Vietnam tour packages or Vietnam highlight tours, you will surely experience the interesting and impressive. Some places are suitable for the old with mild weather including, Dalat, Halong, Sapa, Phu Quoc or Mekong Delta. You can check-out our Vietnam tour packages such as, Vietnam harmony 21 days, Impressive Vietnam 17 days or Charming Vietnam 16 Days...

2. Short tours & Day tours

If you do not have much time for searching information of weather, destinations, accommodations, restaurants, or shopping places…just pick up our available excursions and day tours on websites. Short tours or day tours is for those who do not have enough time to see all places, but still enjoy the stunning landscapes as well as gain experiences of visiting places including histories, custom and cultures. There are many short tours or days tours for your choices. Almost tours will depart either in Saigon or Hanoi or Danang such as, Hanoi day tours, Saigon city tours, Hoi An walking tour full day, My Son holy land half day tours, Phu Quoc island 4 days or Nha Trang 5 days…

3. Vietnam unique tours

Besides many wonderful destinations, Vietnam also offer many unique tours which bring visitors the best moments during the trip such as authentic or trekking tours

a. Authentic tours

If you want to discover authentic Vietnam and off the beaten track, in direct contact with local inhabitants and their custom it is time to take the plunge and realize your dream! Besides, during the trip, you will enjoy the diversified landscape in all over Vietnam from the mountainous areas with terraced fields, green and numerous mountain ranges including grandiose Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake or Dong Van karst plateau geopark…to exploring the life of minority groups in hills.

An authentic tour also means exploring the local food. During the trip, you will have chance to prepare food on your own. The hosts or chefs will teach you the way of cooking. You will be taken to the local markets where you will experience the way of choosing the fresh materials and then make some specialties of the destinations.

b. Trekking tours

There are many places which are ideal for trekking lovers especially in the Northern Vietnam. The North can be considered as the best place for trekking and hiking. During the tours, the tour guides will give you opportunity to stay away from the crowd; discover the secrets of the mountainous areas fulfilled by the colorful ethnic minorities and sightseeing. The trek tour in Vietnam will offer you a mix of exploring landscapes and sharing the culture, custom and manners.

Places are famous for trekking in Vietnam now consisting of Sapa, Pu Luong, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Yen Bai...Amongst of them, Sapa is well known as an ideal place where you will discover the new horizons, pristine and extraordinary sceneries.



1. Hanoi

Located on the Red river delta, Hanoi is always the first name of destination in tour packages in Vietnam. This capital is famous for its thousand years of culture and always attracts visitors by its combination of traditional, elegant and tranquil features. A day tour in Hanoi will leave you unforgettable moments about the old quarter with handicraft streets, the temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem lake or Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.

For over thousand years, Hanoi was the center of Vietnam from 23 centuries ago under the Thuc An Duong Vuong king, to the Ly’s dynasty in 1010. Hanoi witnessed many glorious victories in the resistance against aggressors.

Places to see in Hanoi : Hoan Kiem lake, museum of Vietnamese Ethnology, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Tran Quoc and Quan Thanh pagodas, the temple of Literature…

2. Halong Bay

Halong Bay is listed in one of seven wonders of the world by UNESCO and is one of twenty-nine most beautiful bays in the rank of best bay club. It is not incidental that Halong is the best destination in the world. Halong is endowed by the nature with thousands limestone mountain jutting out from the sea which makes Halong look like a watercolor painting. In particular, visitors will be impressed by magnificent limestone grottoes which offer beautiful stalactites in various interesting shapes.

Places to see in Halong: Dau Go (Driftwood), Thien Cung (Heaven Palace), Sung Sot (Surprise) grotto and Virgin and Male Grottoes…

3. Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang

Is a beautiful and romantic town and the destination which cannot be missed for those who love trekking, hiking, meeting, exploring and sharing culture, custom with the local minorities. Speaking of Hoang Su Phi, visitors will imagine the impressively natural beauty which offer a romantic and peaceful space. A trip to Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang will give you experiences of beautiful ethnic minorities’ culture, nature, locals and food which are deep in mountainous features.

There are numerous places to see in Ha Giang : rice fields terraced and ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi, Dong Van karst plateau geopark, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Phi Leng Pass, Dong Van ancient town, Meo Vac town…

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