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Mai Chau is a beautiful valley in the Northwest of Vietnam where we can see charming quiet villages of White Thai ethnic. Mai Chau is surrounded by green mountains, lakes, rivers, rice paddies, and houses on stilts. This beautiful valley looks like a huge green carpet where you can trek through small beaten dirt road, rice paddies, remote villages, jungles and mountains. At sunset time, Mai Chau is dept in the light white hazy because white smoke escapes from houses on stilts when cooking. In Mai Chau, you will meet elegant and friendly white Thai girls who wear graciously traditional clothes. The majority of the population at the Mai Chau Valley is the White Thai. They are among the most friendly people for foreign travelers to Vietnam. The main tours to Mai Chau valley are to discover its nature and fresh colors of the Thai culture. There are many villages that attract tourists, foreign travelers and expats from Ha Noi such as Lac Village, Pom Coong, Nhot, Sam Khoe…

Mai_Chau_trekThe stilt houses in Mai Chau are high, clean, confortable with solid wood columns, separated 1,5 from the ground. The floor is made from bamboo, the roofs are covered with palm leaves, the windows are large enough to get fresh wind. A loom fabrics and brocade are always next to a window because it is the workplace of the woman of the family. Through the window, we see a square pond to feed fishes for their daily menu and some black buffaloes are among the green rice fields.


Stay 2 days and one night at Mai Chau homestay or spend some days for Mai Chau Tours, trekking Mai Chau or trekking Pu Luong Nature Reserve, you will have a good opportunity to to share their daily life and their unique culture. You are overcome with simple and pleasant atmosphere, people will welcome you warmly to their homes as the family and you can take part to their traditional folk dance of the White Thais... You also have the opportunity to taste the Ruou Can (fermented rice wine that you can sip collectively with bamboo Mai_Chau_toursticks). Taste com Lam, a specialty of ethnic minority-based sticky rice packed in pieces of young bamboo… Everything is grilled on the fire until the crust is well charred. The meal, removed the charred part, keeping the inside white bamboo surrounding rice. Com lam flavored tube is cut into pieces and served cold. Another specialty, pork meat Muong (meat of a small pig breed, free range to have firm flesh) is cut into pieces and then flavored with spices (onions, garlic, sesame, chilli). Everything is plugged. Once grilled over charcoal, it spreads a penetrating odor that puts you immediately mouth water. Mai Chau Treks invite you to immerge in White Thai people’ daily life and culture

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