Vietnam Visa

1.      Vietnam Visa
Citizens of some countries can visit Vietnam without Visa for their trips within 30 days. This only applies to most ASEAN community, Japan, South Korea…and some countries in Northern Europe. In July 2015, there will be 5 other countries can enjoy 15 days visa exemption including UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy. All other nationals are required to have Visa. There are 2 types of Visa: you either will receive your Visa from a Vietnam Embassy and consulate in your country or Visa on arrival. It is more expensive and time with complicated procedures if you apply Visa in the embassy or consulate. The Visa on arrival is more simple, faster and money saving.

Visa on arrival in Vietnam

This is the easiest way to obtain your visa to Vietnam without having to chase down embassies and consulates. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport at your arrival in Vietnam. With this type of visa, you only can enter the country by air.

The difference of Vietnam visa on arrival with other countries is that you have to be approved for entry visa before you travel. With the visa approval letter, the airlines will allow you to flight to Vietnam

How to get your visa on arrival

This is a special service that offers you. It’s a visa on arrival approval letter that we obtained from the Vietnamese Department of Immigration; we’ll send a copy by email. Another copy will be send to Immigration Checking Points at one of the three international airports in Vietnam. When you land at an airport, the Immigration officers will check your approval letter and then the entry visa will be issued.

             Normal procedure: 3 – 4 working days

             Urgent procedure: 1 – 2 working days

Price per person

Normal processing

Urgent processing

Stamping fee

Single entry

1 month

15 USD

20 USD

25 USD

3 moths

20 USD

25 USD

25 USD

Multiple entry

1 month

20 USD

25 USD

50 USD

3 months

30 USD

35 USD

50 USD

Note: You need to pay stamping fee at the Vietnam International Airports Immigration Desk

Information need to be included in VOA:

Date of birth and place of birth:
Passport No:
Passport expiry:

Notes: Your passport must be valid for more than six months before you would be allowed to enter Vietnam.

The VOA paperwork is not a full visa; rather you employ an agent (before you arrive) in Vietnam to obtain an official letter of approval that you present at the VOA counter when you land. You should bring an ID photo and dollars to pay for your Visa which depends on your types of Visa:

–          US $25/ person for a one month (30day) or 3 months (90day) single entry visa

–          US $50/ person for a less than 30 day multi – entry

–          US $50/ person for a 3 months multi – entry

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