E-visa pilot for travellers to Vietnam

E-visa for tourists has been going to valid in February 01 2017 with the hope of increase in number of international tourists. The E-visa is valid in 01 month and single entry since arrival.  This change is recognized as the considerable improvement after many complaints of time-consuming and prolix procedures for visa application.

For this new procedure of which from the request submission to review and result steps will be totally completed via internet. According to the vice-chairman of International Co-operation division of Ministry of Tourism, the foreign applicants no longer need the invitation letter or authorization letter and the approval will be completed within 3 days since submitted.

Vietnamese government has set a target of 10 million international visitors to Vietnam until 2020 in order to reach the profit of USD 18 to 19 billion accounted for 6.5 to 7% GDP.

This year, Vietnam had expected to 8.5 million international tourists (increase of 6% compared to 2015), but Vietnam has seen a record when it has welcomed over 10 million tourists (increase of 20%). With the hope of higher impression to international tourists, in July 2015, Vietnamese government continued to extend the 15 days visa exemption policy to tourists from 5 countries from Europe including: UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

However, according to tourism experts, the government needs to loosen the visa exemption for targeted markets in order to be faster integrated and efficient.

How to obtain E-visa

Use a search engine – Google, Yahoo to search for Vietnam E-visa, you can find the official website. Or just directly browse: xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn or immigration.gov.vn. You can find a paper of Vietnamese Electronic Visa Application form. Fill in all required fields with your ID photo include and then submit.

After 03 working days, you will get the reply of Immigration Department about your request.

Vietnam visa procedure before Feb 01 2017

Before Feb 01 2017, international tourists need obtain a full visa stamp from the Vietnamese Embassy in their own or another country. Or they can opt for a much simpler and cheaper option which is Visa on Arrival and is exactly the same as visa issued by any Vietnamese embassies.

  • For those who travel directly to Phu Quoc will not need a visa if staying under 15 days. However, if you travel to mainland, you must obtain a visa beforehand.
  • Residents of some countries do need a visa for short visa. For more information, you can check at: http://visavietnam.asia/

How to get Visa On arrival

In order to obtain visa on arrival, you need to apply Visa on arrival approval letter which you can easily apply via any online reputable and reliable agents. The fees are different based on agents’ policies and type of services (normal or urgent request; one month or three months visa; single or multiple entries, but from US $10 to 40 per passport). The agents will require some of your information such as: your full name, passport No, gender, nationality, passport expire date, date of arrival and departure, purpose of visit…

After some days, you will receive the letter via email or fax. You need to print the entire approval letter and take it and an ID photo 4x6 with you in order to get the visa stamped at the Immigration counter in the international airports in Vietnam including Hanoi, Hai Phong, Danang, Nha Trang, Saigon and Can Tho. Besides, there are some airlines will ask you to show the letter before check-in or boarding the aircraft.

  • The fee for stamping is US $25 (01 or 3 months – single entry) and US $50 (01 or 3 month – multi entry).

Advantages of E-visa

International tourists no longer need to obtain visa at any Vietnamese Embassies or Consulates which will save much time and costs of traveling.

International tourists also do not need to apply Visa on Arrival Letter of approval from an agent which may be a scammer.

You only have to pay the fee for visa stamp.

Disadvantages of E-visa

Currently, there are only 40 countries which are eligible for E-visa. For more information, please check at: https://vietnamoriginal-travel.com/travel-visa

In case your visa is refused, you will not get refund which you pay as soon as applying.


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