Top 4 districts in Ho Chi Minh City for you to discover


Big cities always have their own uniqueness lying underneath all these small towns and quarters, and Ho Chi Minh City is no exception. Of course you can always choose to visit all those historical museums at the central area, but isn’t it better to start from your own discovery of the city to understand it thoroughly?

Before going to these top-notch districts in Ho Chi Minh City that you need to discover during your Vietnam tours below, make sure you have enough time to check all these districts out while you are still in Saigon. Usually this can take you just a day tour to wander around these districts, but for a thorough look and understanding, it would be better to have your trip to Ho Chi Minh City for around 3 to 5 days. Not only you have more time to rest after a long trip in daytime, but also you have more opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of this city, which is one of the favorite things to do while travelling by many visitors.

Top 4 districts to visit in Ho Chi Minh City - Ben Thanh Market, District 1

District 1
Now tell me anywhere else that you will come first instead of this district. Just as you landed 
on the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, buses and taxis have been already there for you to go straight to District 1 most of the time. Since it’s the central area of Ho Chi Minh City, you will see lots of building, hotel, shopping mall, market, even
bars and nightclubs are a big part of this district. It is also the home to the renowned Western Quarter (Phố-Tây in Vietnamese) – Bui Vien St. & Pham Ngu Lao St., where most of the visitors spend their few first days at. From here you can easily book another trip to nearby areas such as Cu Chi Tunnels, or even further places like Cambodia. 

Places to visit: Beside the Western Quarter, you can take your time to visit some of Saigon’s most famous icons in District 1 – Ben Thanh Market, the Saigon Notre-dame Cathedral, the Opera House and Bitexco Building. Moreover, Tan Dinh Market is a good choice for those who want to buy nice fabric with a cheap price. And don’t forget to try the food at this market, especially the famous Guangzhou noodles vendor, it’s really delicious! Also Le Thanh Ton St. is a street you can always keep an eye on, as it’s filled with many nice restaurants and tasty food.
As bars and nightclubs are pretty popular in this district, those who are always in the mood for partying can come over to join the party. Some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in here would be Piu Piu, CUBE, LUSH… to name but a few. 

Top 4 districts to vist in Ho Chi Minh City - Binh Tay Market, next to District 5

District 5
Contrary to the urban rhythm of District 1, District 5 is still full of hustle and bustle, but more rural than D1. It’s no surprise that markets are what you see the most while travelling in this district, as this place is the Chinatown of Saigon with most of its population is Chinese-born Vietnamese. One of the most famous markets in Saigon – Binh Tay Market (also known as Cho Lon), is located right next to the borders of District 5. Here you can get to buy more goods with a very good price, and a large measure too. Moreover, this district maintains a lot of old traditional houses from the early 1900s, which attracts many visitors to embrace its historical and artistic side. It is also a favorite place for those who are looking for certain kinds of herb as there is a lot of traditional Chinese medical stores in the quarter of Hai Thuong Lan Ong St. to come and buy those ingredients. As District 5 appears to be more traditional than that of District 1, filled with many Buddha temples and lots of Chinese schools, it’s also an ideal culinary destination for food lovers too. Come try the famous Che Thanh Tam at Bui Huu Nghia St. with many Chinese sweets or just a huge dinner of dim sum at Tien Phat Restaurant at Ky Hoa St., because you know your trip to Saigon has never been this exciting.

Places to visit: Beside Cho Lon, you can choose to visit Soai Kinh Lam market at Tran Hung Dao St. to buy fabric. Ba Thien Hau pagoda at Nguyen Trai St. is a popular religious destination for visitors to pass by. There you can easily get to nearby Chinese medical stores to take a look at how these places usually work. Other notable streets include Duong Tu Giang St., famous for many hot pot vendors, Tran Hung Dao – Bui Huu Nghia crossroad as one of the district’s most famous culinary areas, and Nguyen Trai St. with many fashion shops to keep an eye on. 


Top 4 districts to visit in Ho Chi Minh City - Le Hong Phong St. at District 10 by night

District 10
So you are in the middle of your journey, wanting to get a good place for lunch or just a soft meal in the afternoon while travelling in Saigon, then think of District 10 for more places to eat. This next-door neighbor of District 5 is considered as a culinary destination of the city, with various kinds of Vietnamese food, Korean food, Japanese food and most famous for its Thai food. From street vendor to restaurant, District 10 offers you more than just one choice for your culinary experience. Plus, it’s pretty close to District 1 too. How comfortable it is!

Places to visit: As a place filled with many coffee shops and nice street food vendors/restaurants, Nguyen Tri Phuong St. is the top choice for visitors to come for a casual meal. The street is famous for its Thai food store, namely Coco5 and Che Y Phuong, however such Vietnamese food stores on this street are also worth your try. For restaurants with Korean and Japanese food, February 3rd St. and Su Van Hanh St. are where you should go to.

Top 4 districts to visit in Ho Chi Minh City - Phan Dang Luu St. at District Phu Nhuan by day

District Phu Nhuan
Onto the last one, District Phu Nhuan is the best choice for your last days in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only the district is located next to the airport (which is very convenient if you worry about the madness from the traffic jams during the city’s rush hours), Phu Nhuan appears to be
more urban than many other districts, with many luxurious hotels, restaurants and buildings of office. The district has been a favorite place for expats to settle down in the city and as one of the ideal working areas for the local people. Moreover, Phu Nhuan is considered as “The Coffee Land” by many, mostly because of the big number of coffee shops the area has. With good drinks and nice snacks or foods serving along with, warm atmosphere with a retro feeling filled with yellow lights and nice music in the background, everything is on point for your date, or just for your pleasure of enjoying the night. 

Places to visit: Phan Xich Long St. has everything for you to choose from hotels to places to eat. Take your time to discover all the alleys in Phu Nhuan while you have time, because some of the most delicious dishes you get to taste in Ho Chi Minh City would be all from these alleys, and it’s going to be your one of a kind journey. Tram Coffee and Nen Coffee are also nice choices to chill out at night in Phu Nhuan, all located on Tran Huy Lieu St. You can also choose to hire a motorbike and take a ride around Nhieu Loc Canal, as cool wind and night atmosphere will give you a good time to enjoy. 

And that’s all! With these 4 districts to travel in Saigon, where would you choose to stay and discover? If you don’t have enough time to go through them all, just remember that you can always return for more to travel in this big city.


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