The Best Travel Guide of Hai Duong Vietnam 2023

Hai Duong which is the province of Vietnam, located in the Red River Delta Region. Throughout its history, Hai Duong has had several name changes. A long past leaves behind hundreds of cultural and historic artifacts. The province is proud of several stunning natural landscapes, historic landmarks, and numerous old temples. Additionally, there are several festivals held there all year long that attract tourists. Let’s find out the best travel guide of Hai Duong Vietnam 2023 to have more information for your excellent trip.


1. The best time to visit Hai Duong Vietnam

All four seasons of the year are excellent for traveling to Hai Duong. However, Hai Duong Vietnam has so many temples and ancient places, the festival season from January to March is the most attractive period.

The ideal months to visit Hai Duong province are January through May and October through December. The average temperature might range from 20°C in January to 33°C in June. You experience mild temperatures and little rainfall throughout this time.

2. How to get to Hai Duong from Hanoi

Hai Duong is around 60 kilometers away from Hanoi. There are several means of transportation to get to Hai Duong, including railways, bus, passenger cars, and personal vehicles.

2.1. By personal vehicle

Hai Duong is located quite close to Hanoi so that visitors may travel by motorbike or private car. Traveling by your own car, you can go at your own pace and take in the views on either side of the road without having an adverse effect on other drivers.

2.2 By train

Vietnamese people are accustomed to using trains as a mode of transportation. There are only daytime train departures from Hanoi to Hai Duong. If you want to have more time to go sightseeing, be sure to organize your time and schedule carefully.


2.3 By bus

Currently, there are many bus routes from many different provinces to Hai Duong so that you can easily move here by bus. If you plan to go to Hai Duong by bus and are from the South or the far West, you need to take your schedule into account.

Plane: Airplanes are probably the most suitable means of transportation for travelers who are far away. You can buy tickets to Noi Bai airport in Hanoi or Cat Bi airport in Hai Phong and then take the bus to Hai Duong city.

3. Top 10 must-visit places in Hai Duong Province

3.1 Kiep Bac Temple

Kiep Bac Temple is situated 5 kilometers from Con Son in the Hung Dao Commune of the Chi Linh District. The Dragon Mountains encircle a rich valley, giving Kiep Bac a poetic beauty. Tran Hung Dao, a national hero, was stationed here in the 13th century. Tran Hung Dao Temple was constructed in the early 14th century in the heart of Kiep Bac Valley.


3.2 Con Son Relic and Scenic Area

Con Son Relic and Scenic Area is located between two mountain ranges in Phoenix -  Ky Lan. It is surrounded by mountains, pagodas, towers, pine trees, streams, and well-known landmarks. Aside from being one of the three Truc Lam Zen sect sites during the Tran Dynasty, it has relation to the lives of several historical figures.

The Tran Dynasty and other historical periods cultural relics are still preserved in Con Son today. This is a well-known tourist attraction in Hai Duong province that travelers will not be able to miss.

3.3 Con Son Pagoda

Con Son Pagoda, often referred to as Hun Pagoda, is a historical structure that predates the Tran Dynasty. The pagoda was constructed using traditional techniques like Tien Duong, Thieu Huong, and Thuong Dien.

The pagoda had a great expansion and restoration under the Le Dynasty. In spite of going through many history changes, Con Son Pagoda is just a modest temple covered in the green  foliage of big trees.

3.4 Well of Jade

Well of Jade is situated at the foot of Dang Minh Precious Tower, on the Ky Lan mountain slopes. According to legend, Zen master Huyen Quang built this well after receiving a gift of priceless water from the gods.

The well water is clean all year round, drinking it will be enjoyable. Since that time, the well has been known as Gieng Ngoc, and monks frequently utilize its water to make contributions to the temple. 

3.5 Cao An Phu Temple

Cao An Phu Temple is situated northeast of Hai Duong city. It is thought to be a silk strip decorating the image of the Northern Delta. Coming to Cao An Phu Temple, visitors will be able to take in the picturesque and lyrical landscape of the sky, the clouds and the water. Especially, you will be overwhelmed by the river twisting like a silk strip, the huge fields separated into squares, or the small villages. Each contributed to the colorful picture.


3.6 Kinh Chu Pagoda

Kinh Chu Pagoda origins from the Kinh Chu cave's natural surroundings in Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province. Buddha, Zen Master Minh Khong, King Ly Than Tong, and Huyen Quang are all worshipped in the temple.

All of the temple’s sculptures are made completely from stone. When King Le Thanh Tong visited the temple, he wrote a poem on the left side of the door. An Sinh Vuong Tran Lieu, the father of Hung Dao Vuong, performed religious ceremonies on Yen Phu mountain, which is close to the temple.

3.7 Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village

A centuries-old tradition may be found in Thanh Hai Water Puppet Village (Thanh Ha District, Hai Duong Province). Thanh Hai water puppetry is shown in most of the main festivals and cultural events of the country.

Thanh Hai is an amateur puppet group that has received several top awards in national competition. It attracted the interest of numerous scholars and cultural organizations. People from around the world are fans of Vietnamese water puppetry.

3.8 Chi Lang Nam Stork island

Chi Lang Nam Fork Island is not only the most alluring tourist attraction in HaiDuong, but it is also a very "unique" eco-tourism destination in Northern Vietnam. When visiting Co Island in the winter, visitors will be amazed at a unique natural sight.

Viewers have a strange enjoyment when they see a whole island covered in white storks. Hundreds of storks are clustered together on the tops of bamboo or tree branches, viewing from a distance, they will seem to be flower branches covered with white blooms. The storks soaring over the island on their white wings created a beautiful scence. Visitors will actually experience moments of being in nature on Stork Island.


3.9 Fairy Chess Board

Visitors have to walk 600 stone stairs from Con Son Pagoda to the top of Con Son Mountain. There is a pretty huge stone slab called Ban Co Tien. Ban Co Tien has erected a multi-roofed steel house in the manner of the Vong Lau temple. Travelers may view a huge area from this point. 

3.10 Chi Linh Golf Course

Chi Linh Golf Course is not only one of the top golf courses in Hai Duong but also in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Chi Linh Golf House located in the center of the triangle of economic and tourism growth in the North.

The club's circular structure has a distinctive layout. Visitors and spectators can view the majority of the golf course area thanks to the system of glass doors and walls that surrounds them. The Chi Linh Star Golf Club has swiftly developed into a high-class resort, sports complex, family entertainment park, and investment promotion hub for the northern economic region.

4. Best specialties of Hai Duong Vietnam

4.1 Green bean cake

Green bean cake is thought to be a delicious gift of Hai Duong province. This dish was created in the 20th century. Despite its unattractive appearance, many tourists are drawn by its excellent flavor. Green beans, sugar, fat, and pomelo flower oil are the components of green bean cake.


4.2 Black Glutinous Rice Cake

Glutinous cake first appeared in Hai Duong in the 12th century and is still in existence today. The shell and the filling are two separate components of the Black Glutinous Rice Cake. The core is made from lard, green beans, coconut, and lotus seeds, while the cover is simply made from glutinous rice and hemp leaves. Even though this cake is created from the ingredients of farmland, it makes visitors remember it forever.

4.3 Thanh Ha lychee

Thanh Ha land is blessed by nature with a fertile area where many different kinds of fruit trees may be grown. In May and June, ripe lychee trees are plentiful throughout Hai Duong, especially in Thanh Ha. Among the green foliage were clusters of ripe crimson litchi. The distinctive features of Thanh Ha lychee is red ripe skin, smooth surface, dense pulp, crisp color, sweet flavor, and mild smell.

4.4 Anabas Noodle

Hai Duong province is home to a well-known delicacy called banh da ca ro dong (noodles with anabas). It was created by using components including anabas, dill, onions, and water dropwort, among others.

It is difficult for tourists to forget a hot bowl of soft noodles and oily fried anabas. Anabas noodles have been introduced by several businesses for local consumption as well as for export to other countries.


4.5 Rice paper

Rice paper is the typical dish of Hai Duong province. The locals admit that they exclusively utilize Q5 rice to make this type of rice paper. Visitors may transform this speciality into delectable dishes like stir-fried pork cooked with fish and fowl.

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5. The best hotels to stay in Hai Duong

5.1 Nam Cuong Hotel

Address: 30/10 Avenue, Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Tu Minh, Hai Duong City

Nam Cuong Hotel is located in the center of the city. It is one of the top luxury hotels in Hai Duong. The hotel consists of 25 floors with 181 rooms that are equipped with full amenities. If you have a long vacation, you can rent an apartment in Nam Cuong Hotel. This is a new service of Nam Cuong hotel with a reasonable price.


5.2 Truong Thanh Hotel

Address: No. 2 Thanh Nien Street, Binh Han Ward, Hai Duong City

Truong Thanh hotel is a high-class hotel in Hai Duong province. The first floor has a cafe serving a variety of drinks. The second floor is a buffet restaurant in a European romantic style. The average room price per night is from 500,000VND to 2,500,000VND. There are also tennis courts in order to serve the entertainment needs of visitors.

5.3 Hai Dương Garden

Address: 54 Do Ngoc Du, Thanh Trung Ward, Hai Duong City

Hai Duong garden is located in the heart of Hai Duong city. The hotel has a total of 63 rooms which have city views, designed in Japanese style. Hai Duong Garden provides services such as laundry, airport shuttle service, and housekeeping service. However, the hotel does not allow children or pets. It is suitable for visitors who want to stay or have a long-term business trip in Hai Duong province.

5.4 Purple Lotus Hotel

Address: 232 Truong Chinh, Tan Binh, Hai Duong

Purple Lotus Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Hai Duong City. The hotel has 50 standard rooms and 1 luxury room that are elegantly designed in every detail. Besides, Purple Lotus owns Asian-European dishes serving attractive meals of seasons. Purple Lotus Hotel offers professional facilities and services which is the ideal choice for travelers' vacations when visiting Hai Duong city.


6. Other travel tips before going to Hai Duong

There are some useful travel tips for you and your family intending to visit and enjoy Ha Long City:

Making bookings 3 weeks to 1 month in advance to have a well-organized trip

- Checking the weather carefully before you go

- Dressing the suitable outfit for visiting the pagodas and temples

- Preparing food and beverages in advance and having a picnic outside to save money

Hai Duong Vietnam is a popular tourist destination since it gives visitors the ability to take in a wide variety of stunning scenery and unique cuisine. Above are our Hai Duong best travel guide 2023 for your tour to this province. Hopefully, it will be useful for your next vacation to HaiDuong with your loved one, family, or friends. Please contact us for more.

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