The Best Travel Guide of Ha Nam Vietnam 2023

In Vietnam's Red River Delta region, the province of Ha Nam lies close to the capital city of Hanoi. Ha Nam draws visitors not just with its breathtaking scenery but also with its abundance of historic temples.


1. What to know before traveling to Ha Nam

Both local and foreign visitors now often travel to Ha Nam Vietnam, which is located in the country's north. This owes a lot to the vast array of natural landscapes, spiritual and religious landmarks, regional specialties, and first-rate amenities. This is the best travel guide of Ha Nam Vietnam 2023 for travelers if you're unsure of what to put on your schedule.

2. The best time to travel to Ha Nam

Ha Nam has a climate like a tropical monsoon. April is an ideal month for traveling to Ha Nam in Vietnam. There is little rain and a warm temperature throughout this time. In Ha Nam, the average temperature ranges from 22°C in January to 36°C in June.

The province is lovely all year round, but spring is the perfect time for tourism. It is best to visit Ha Nam in the spring because of the wide variety of events and recreational opportunities that take place there.

3. How to travel to Ha Nam from Hanoi

Getting to Ha Nam has become much easier because of the province's well-developed road network. You may go there via a variety of transportations, including:

• By motorbike: take Highway 1A passing the Gie Bridge, and then continue straight until you reach to the "Ha Nam Province" road sign.

• By bus: The bus from Hanoi to Phu Ly departs from Giap Bat Coach Station every 15 minutes. Within an hour, it will get you Ha Nam. Each ticket costs around 30,000 VND.


Also, visitors can use coach which means of transportation costs 60,000 VND per person, which is more expensive than using the bus. Any coach station in Ha Noi and other adjacent provinces will have passenger buses available for you to board.

• By private car: For your day excursion to Ha Nam, it is preferable to reserve a private car with a driver. In comparison to the other alternatives, this one is significantly safer and more pleasant.

4. Top 10 must-visit places in Ha Nam

4.1 Tam Chuc Pagoda

Address: Ba Sao town, Kim Bang District, Ha Nam province

Tam Chuc pagoda is widely regarded as the biggest pagoda in the world. It is proud to host the Vesak Festival of the United Nations, which annually draws thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. The gorgeous natural surroundings of the complex, which include emerald mountains and blue seas, serve as its main selling point.

Tam Chuc pagoda forms a "Golden Triangle" with other well-known cultural and scenic destinations in North Vietnam, including the Perfume Pagoda and Bai Dinh Pagoda Vietnam. On your journey, you might include viewing those lovely pagodas in Vietnam.


4.2 Truc Temple

Address: Kim Bang District, Ha Nam Province

Truc Temple (Ngu Dong Thi Son) is situated in Quyen Son hamlet, Thi Son Commune, Kim Bang District. Truc Temple is well-known for its breathtaking views, but it also draws a lot of visitors with its poignant song festival honoring Ly Thuong Kiet.

Truc Temple is famous for spiritual tourism and ecotourism in Vietnam. As the name implies, there are two rows of beautiful bamboo that border the path leading to the shrine. When you go to Truc Temple in the spring, make sure to take part in the raucous Truc Temple Festival. This festival runs from January 1 to February 10 of the lunar calendar.

4.3 Ba Danh Pagoda

Address: Danh Xa Hamlet, Ngoc Son Commune, Kim Bang District, Ha Nam Province

Ba Danh is one of the oldest pagodas in Ha Nam, having been around for more than 300 years. It has a 10-hectare footprint. As soon as you enter this old temple, you will feel at peace and be surrounded by the splendor of its distinctive architecture and the beautiful Day River. 

Despite being passed for a very long time, it is still regarded as one of the most beautiful temples in the nation. Ba Danh pagoda attracts travelers because of the surrounding mountains and sea, as well as the pagoda's design. The celebration at the Ba Danh Pagoda takes place on March 25 and 26. The Ba Danh Pagoda Vietnam is a must-see attraction for visitors to Ha Nam Province that shouldn't be missed.


4.4 Lang Temple

Address: Thanh Liem, Ha Nam

King Dinh, King Le, and the Three Great Kings are revered at the temple. In addition, King Le Dai Hanh and his two children, Le Trung Tong and Le Ngoa Trieu, are also honored at the monument. Visitors to Lang Temple will have an understanding about the temple's architecture, the Nguyen Dynasty's religious artifacts, and the extremely rare Le Dynasty cultural relics.

4.5 Kem Trong natinal relic

Address: Thanh Hai town, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province

Kem Trong has been described as the most well-known tourist site in Ha Nam. A river flows between two mountains and the surrounding landscape is romantic. Visitors may also explore strange caverns in the highlands around Kem Trong, some of which are home to large populations of bats. 

The majority of tourists are drawn to Kem Trong in Thanh Hai Ward by its tranquil environment, sparkling river, and stunning mountains. Some mountains in Kem Trong  consist of Bong Mountain, Vong Mountain, and Rong Mountain, located on the right bank of Day River. On the other side are Trinh Tiet Mountain, Co Dong Mountain, and particularly Rua Mountain, which has an old pagoda.


4.6 Luon cave - Ao Dong tourist site

Address: Kim Bang district, Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province

Ao Dong is a place that Mother Nature painstakingly created, and there is nothing else like it on the earth in terms of its novelly clean beauty. Tourists will feel refreshed after taking in the exquisite natural beauty that is produced by a mix of mountains, rivers, white storks, chamois, and other birds.

4.7 Phuc Long Cave

Address: Kien Khe town, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province

There is room for hundreds of people in Phuc Long cave Ha Nam. The cave is also known by the locals as the "bat cave" since there are numerous bats there. As you enter this well-known cave, you'll see a large number of stalactites in unusual shape. This provides this undiscovered gem a feeling of mystery and intrigue.

4.8 Ngu Dong Son cave 

Address: Thi Son town, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province

Ngu Dong Son comprises five fascinating caverns that link to one another. It also extends all the way to the mountain's interior. Ngu Dong Son is the ideal starting point for great experiences because of its exquisite combination of lush woods, caves and unspoiled environment. Many lovely pictures have been painted on the walls of the spectacular natural cave.


4.9 Vu Dai Craft Village

Address: Hoa Hau town, Ly Nan district, Ha Nam province

Vu Dai Craft Village is the birthplace of the beloved traditional meal known as Braised Fish. Braised Fish epitomizes Vietnamese cuisine at its very best and is infused with national identity.

Tourists will have the chance to take in the bustling environment of Vu Dai in the days leading up to the forthcoming Lunar New Year. They also purchase braised fish for Tet or to give as a gift. in the pervasive scent of braised fish emanating from the kitchen throughout the hamlet.

4.10 Thanh Ha Craft Village

In Thanh Ha, embroidery first arose more than a century ago, with incredibly intricate and skilled embroidered works. To produce such exquisite and labor-intensive embroidered works, each needle is worked with great care and emotion. The inhabitants of this area are kind and eager to instruct visitors in embroidery. Visitors may explore learning lace embroidery from locals here.

5. The best specialties in Ha Nam Vietnam

5.1 Phu Ly steamed rice rolls

The steam rice rolls at Phu Ly Ha Nam don't have fillings like those in other places. Phu Ly steamed rice rolls come with grilled pork and fresh herbs. Phu Ly steamed rolled rice is consumed in a variety of ways and places. Steamed rice rolls that are typically served with grilled pork, fish sauce, and a variety of fresh veggies.


5.2 Binh Luc Fiddler Crab Sauce

Binh Luc Fiddler is a well-known fish sauce in Ha Nam that has a distinct flavor. Binh Luc Fiddler Crab Sauce is pungent and spicy, with a strong scent. The crab is cleaned and skinned when it is captured, and then it is ground. Galangal, broken ginger, and fine salt are added as herbs after crushing.

5.3 Chung Cake of Dam Village

Dam village is one of the five most well-known villages in Liem Tuyen commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. Chung cake is a Ha Nam delicacy that combines the perfume of glutinous rice with the richness of pork, the fleshy flavor of green beans, and a little amount of fat. Chung cake of Dam Village must be prepared using rain water. For the finest batch boiling results, the boiling pot must be made of corrugated iron.

5.4 Anabas Noodles

The combination of crispy brown fried fish, stretchy noodles, sweet mustard greens, and flavorful broth in this straightforward meal is exquisite. Ha Nam anabas noodles are warm and tasty, and they are well worth trying.


5.5 Perch vermicelli soup

One of the most well-known delicacies is vermicelli with perch, which visitors to Ha Nam must have at least once. Locals claim that this meal was formerly served to the King. This meal gained popularity because of the meaty, sweet broth produced from perch bones. The perch has been caramelized and properly seasoned. Perch vermicelli is prepared with either spinach or water celery as a vegetable.

6. Top places to stay in Ha Nam, Vietnam

6.1 Melia Vinpearl Phu Ly

The Melia Vinpearl Phu Ly hotel, which is located in one of Ha Nam's busiest areas, has a wide range of services to keep you entertained throughout your getaway. Melia Vinpearl has 180 attractively constructed rooms ranging in size from 31 to 75 square meters.

Melia Vinpearl is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Many of the rooms are furnished with all the conveniences of home. Therefore, it gives visitors the impression that they are staying at their own homes.

If you want to go shopping, you can visit Vincom Plaza. This is a commercial complex with hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign companies as well as a thriving entertainment area. Aside from leisure activities offered by the hotel, you can spend the day visiting nearby sites such as Tam Chuc Complex or Tran Thuong Temple. 


6.2 Lagolo Hotel Ha Nam

Lodge Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Ha Nam that provides guests with the perfect escape. The rooms are fully equipped with sharp flat-screen TVs, hot and cold, air conditioning and wardrobes.

Sharp flat-screen TVs, air conditioning (hot and cold), closets, and other amenities are all equipped in the rooms. The hotel's main desk is available 24/7. You will undoubtedly have a wonderful time here thanks to the skilled and devoted personnel.

6.3 Ha Nam Tien Loc Place Hotel

Tien Loc Place hotel has a system of rooms with views of the lake. Tien Loc offers a wide range of amenities, including appealing free offerings that range from dining to entertainment. In example, several rooms include balconies so that you may take in the splendor of the city and the fresh air.

6.4 Muong Thanh Luxury hotel

Muong Thanh Luxury hotel is one of the 5-star Ha Nam hotels, which is an ideal stopover for tourists when coming to Ha Nam. This hotel owns more than 190 rooms that have a spacious design with modern and luxurious equipment such as television, air conditioner, kettle,...


6.5 Star Apartment Central Phu Ly

All hotel rooms of 5 Star Apartment Central Phu Ly are extremely luxurious. This hotel also includes a network of opulent restaurants. Restaurants serve an appealing and varied cuisine. Enjoying meals in hotel’s restaurants is the key to creating a nice atmosphere to gather with your family.

Ha Nam Vietnam is worth seeing on its own merits. Ha Nam has a range of possibilities for low-cost travelers, backpackers, and adventurers in terms of natural marvels, leisure activities, and culinary establishments. Your ideal getaway from the busy world there will provide a sense of balance and well-being thanks to a medley of majestic mountains, fascinating caves, romantic rivers, and other natural wonders. Please contact us if you wonder more about the best travel guides of Ha Nam Vietnam 2023.

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