The Best Travel Guide of Ha Long Bay Viet Nam 2023

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is one of the most famous scenic spots in Vietnam, with a special attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. It is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin sea and islands. But they all belong to the administrative area of Quang Ninh Province. Divided by areas, the most held part is Ha Long City, part of Cam Pha city, part of Van Don. Additionally, this place is considered one of the new seven wonders of the world, many times recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage. We believe that The Best Travel Guide of Ha Long Bay Viet Nam 2023 will amaze you so much and bring about some new exploration in this peaceful landscape.


1. What you need to know before travelling to Ha Long Bay


Ha Long Bay is part of the Gulf of Tonkin population. This place is surrounded by a part of Bai Tu Long Bay, one side is Cat Ba Island, and the west is bordered by land with a coastline of about 120k long from Quang Yen to Ha Long city and is part of Cam Pha Town to Van Don island district. With a total area of 1,553 square kilometres including the core buffer zone, located at coordinates 106°58′-107°22 East, 20°45′-20°50′ North.

Ha Long Bay has all 1,969 islands, consisting of 989 named islands and 980 unnamed islands. These islands are named in part because of the flat shape of each island or are attached to certain historical markers.

Legend and name of Ha Long Bay


Ha Long Bay has existed for a very long time through the time of geological formations. However, in the subconscious of Vietnamese people from prehistoric times with the rich imagination of folk. And with the concept of always looking towards the origin of dragons and descendants. Then they have imagined interesting stories to be able to answer for natural phenomena what is most reasonable.

The Vietnamese believe that when Vietnam was just established, it was invaded by foreign invaders. At this time, the Jade Emperor was in love, so he sent the mother dragon to bring her cubs down to the earth to help the Vietnamese fight foreign ginseng. Enemy ships are rushing from the sea to invade the mainland, it is also the time when the mother dragon and baby dragon come to the world. At this time, the dragons immediately spewed fire to burn the enemy ships, and part of them released pearls and built up stone walls standing in the middle of the sea, causing the enemy ships to crash. Thus, he was able to stop the advance of the enemy. After the enemy was defeated, seeing the peaceful ground, green trees, the people here are hardworking and always unite to help each other. That is why the mother dragon and the baby dragon do not return to heaven but stay here so that they can forever protect the children of Vietnam. Therefore, the place where the mother dragon landed is called Ha Long, where the baby dragons landed is called Bai Tu Long Bay, Where the dragon's tail flutters with white foam, it is called Bach Long Vi.

 The name of Ha Long

The name Ha Long has been changed through many different periods in the historical process. During the Northern domination period, this area was called Luc Chau, Luc Hai. During the sister period of the Ly, Tran, and Le dynasties, Ha Long Bay was named Hoa Phong, Hai Dong, An Bang, Van Dong, Ngoc Son or Luc Thuy....

As for the name Ha Long (with the meaning of the place where the dragon descends), it is not known from ever since the first time we saw the name Ha Long in the late 19th century in some maritime maps of the French army. and once in the newspaper of the old city of Hai Phong published in French. In one article, the appearance of a pair of strange creatures shaped like the dragon image of the Vietnamese people. And was seen on the waters of Ha Long Bay today with the title "Dragon appeared on Ha Long Bay'' when a French second lieutenant named Legderin, the captain of the Avalence ship, and some sailors on board caught it. Meeting a pair of giant sea snakes three times (in 1898, 1900, 1902) perhaps the people on the ship thought of the dragon image of the Vietnamese people. The image of a dragon is an object that has been revered by Vietnamese people since ancient times in Vietnamese culture. Besides the legend of the mother dragon and baby dragon landing in this area, the appearance of a strange creature that exists as a pair of dragons appears in reality. Maybe for that reason, the Quang Ninh sea and island area was called by the French by the name Ha Long Bay since then and is called to this day.


So, let's take a look at some highlights of the outstanding northern region in Vietnam. Along with Sapa, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is one of the province's most well-liked tourist destinations. It is anticipated that more than 500,000 tourists, both domestic and foreign, visited Ha Long Bay in recent years to take in the local vistas and Vietnam cultures. The Kissing Rocks, Thien Cung Cave, and Tuan Chau island are among the must-see attractions in and around Ha Long Bay.

Travellers should take the opportunity to stay a few days in Ha Long Bay given that it is a major tourism hub before moving on to other regions of the province.


2. Best time to visit Ha Long Bay

The ideal months to travel to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam are from October to December which is also the best time to travel to Vietnam. The fall season is now in pleasant weather, with comfortable daytime temperatures and chilly nights. Between 13 and 21 degrees Celsius are the typical temperatures. There is less rainfall during this period of time. However, you can hope for cloudy weather with regard to the end of December.

 You could take a look at the Ha Long Bay weather in the table below. This is just the reference source for you to refer to the weather in Ha Long Bay. Therefore, to be certain about the nicest weather when travelling to Ha Long Bay, you should contact the tour organisation. We would give you the exact information and some important advice which will make your excursion more joyful and exciting.

3. How to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi?

Recently, besides the usual means of transportation, tourists from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay also have an innovative option with a modern and luxurious seaplane of Hai Au Airlines. The plane with 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for travelers and roomy windows, not as it were makes a difference guests spare travel time, but too makes a difference you comfortably appreciate the wonderful view from the plane, capturing important minutes of Ha Long Cove from an height of 150 to 3.000 meters over ocean level.

Coach is also a useful means of transportation for tourists. Tourists can take the couch companies that gather at My Dinh bus station, the first trip departs at 6:00 am and the last one at 17:00 pm (the journey takes 3 - 4 hours). Ticket costs run from 100,000 VND / individual with a situate to 200,000 VND / individual with a bed.

Driving a car and riding a motorbike are energizing on the off chance that you need to investigate modern things on your possess. In any case, it is perhaps not secure in case you're an unused voyager in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

4. Best places to visit in Ha Long Bay?

4.1 Trong Mai Islet


About 5 kilometres from Bai Chay port, Trong Mai Islet is situated near to Dinh Huong island in the southwest of Ha Long Bay. A large number of tourists come to visit, everyone must be in awe of the charming scenery of the sky and the water.

Key features

Based on the outside shape, people have named this place Trong Mai Islet. This island group resembles a pair of chickens—a Rooster and a Female—standing opposite one another. They have a height of 10m standing proudly in front of the sea full of sunshine and wind.

Moreover, on the tourist icon of Ha Long Bay, the image of Trong Mai islet was taken. This once again confirms the feature that not every place has. If you come here, do not forget to visit, visit and witness with your own eyes.

One of Halong Bay's most well-known symbols, the kissing chickens can be seen in a variety of artistic depictions of the region. Trong Mai served as the inspiration for works of poetry, art, and photography that capture the incredible beauty of Halong Bay. It was selected for Vietnam Tourism's logo in 2000!


4.2 Ti Top Island


Found within the center of legacy, world ponders Ha Long Narrows, around 7-8km southeast of Bai Chay traveler harbour, Ti Beat Island is considered one of the foremost alluring goals. It draws in numerous sightseers to select in their schedule to visit the Narrows.

Key features

Not at all like numerous other traveler goals on Ha Long Inlet, in expansion to the wonderful normal view and charming mountains, Ti Top Beat Island too claims a wonderful shoreline, called Ti Beat shoreline. Coming here, guests can climb to the beat of the mountain to appreciate the all-encompassing see of this wonderful island.  Looking down from over, Ti Top shoreline is molded like a moon grasping the island's foot. In spite of the fact that the shoreline region isn't expansive, it is calm, breezy and exceptionally clean, the sand at the shoreline is persistently washed by the tides up and down. Perhaps thanks to those outstanding advantages, Ti Top always attracts a large number of tourists to visit, especially international tourists who love to come to this beach. In the summer, there are dozens of cruise ships every day that take guests to the island to visit and swim.

Ti top beach has the shape of the moon embracing the island's foot, the sand is small but very airy and quiet, the water is clean and clear in four seasons. Currently at this beach, there is a bar, there is a rental service of swimsuits, swimming buoys, fresh water baths. There's a benefit for leasing water motorbikes, parachutes. Fresh water is transported from the mainland by the Bay Management Board. This beach is currently attracting a lot of visitors to the beach and visit the island.

Besides sightseeing and swimming when coming to Ti Top Island, visitors can also experience many interesting games such as kayaking. You will feel really excited when you can paddle through the water around the beach.

4.3 Sung Sot Cave


From the centre of Ha Long city, visitors move along Hai Quan street about 4 km to Bai Chay ferry wharf. From here, you travel by canoe or boat, going south about 14 km to Bo Hon island - where Sung Sot cave is located.

Key features

Sung Sot Cave was found by the French in 1901. They discovered this cave and named it "La Grotte des Surprises" (Astonishing Cave) because of the beauty and magnificence in the cave. The cave is regularly voted as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, included in the list of 7 most beautiful caves in Vietnam by CNN Travel magazine.

Sung Sot Cave is isolated into two fundamental compartments, the complete to begin with compartment is like an expansive and open theater. A layer of dazzling "velvet carpet" covers the cave's ceiling, and there are many "chandeliers" hanging with sparkling stalactites, stone sculptures, stone elephants, stone seals, raspberries, flowers, and other objects that alternate between reality and dream. Still amazed by the mysterious magnificence within the to begin with compartment, we entered the moment compartment by a little way. The tunnel opened up to reveal an entirely different image as a torrent of dazzling light streamed in, blocking the huge cave that could hold thousands of people. As you enter the setting, you'll see a lot of peculiar objects including the dinosaur, the sea bear, and an ancient banyan tree with lush leaves.

At the highest peak of the cave, suddenly a "royal garden" opens before our eyes, with a clear lake, charming landscape, all kinds of plants and many species of birds. Bunches of monkeys regularly drag each other down here to discover natural product, causing an mayhem within the entirety range.


4.4 Thien Cung Cave


Located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, Thien Cung Cave is located about 4km from the cruise ship port. The road to the cave has craggy cliffs, covered with luxuriant trees on both sides. Archaeologists have identified Thien Cung as a relic of the Soi Nhu culture.

From the center of Ha Long city, you go along Highway 18 to the southwest to Tuan Chau island. From Tuan Chau port, you will take the train along line 1 to reach Thien Cung Cave.

Key features

This cave is located right near Dau Go cave, the mouth of the cave is at an altitude of 25m. Thien Cung Cave one of the prettiest caves in Ha Long known today. The cave is around 10,000 square meters large and has a highly complicated construction with multiple levels and compartments with extremely high and wide ceilings. Especially in the cave, everywhere we see countless stalactites and stalagmites with strange shapes. So people have imagined either a legend about the love and separation of the Dragon Father, the Mother Dragon took place on the cliffs or thought that this is a picture of the labyrinths of the Persian Emperor in fairy tales.

The entire large picture is there in the first compartment, drawing attention from anybody who enters. Tourists looking to the east of the cave will see that on the wall is like a massive painting, emerging the ancient fairy characters that are soft, flexible, and delicate in every little detail. Meanwhile, a highly thrilling vision of fairies dancing and singing appeared on the cave's northern wall. Above the ceiling is a dome shape including a system of stalactites hanging down like a very unique crystal chandelier.

Follow the tour of Ha Long Bay and continue to the second compartment of Thien Cung cave, you will admire the four pillars of great size with strange carved shapes from the foot to the top of the column. There, you will see pictures of people's activities in daily life, flowers, birds... Under the arch of the cave, stalactites hang down in clusters like splendid curtains. This scene is considered the most beautiful not only in Thien Cung cave, but you will not be able to find it in any other cave in Ha Long or anywhere else.

 Lost in the last compartment of the cave, you feel like you are in a fairyland. Blurry light streams, blending together to reflect extremely magnificent rhinestones. This place also has clear water ponds, water gurgling all year round, imprinted with stone blocks on the water surface is really charming.

5. Best food to try in Ha Long Bay

5.1 Grilled squid sticky rice

When it comes to Ha Long specialties, grilled squid must be the first dish! The main ingredient is pureed squid meat, then it is shaped into a round cake and fried. Grilled squid when released on the plate will have a sweet, chewy and distinctive taste that is different from other regions. Grilled squid sticky rice with squid ink will be the perfect combination between glutinous rice grains and delicious pieces of squid ink.

The famous delicious restaurant in Ha Long is located on Hong Gai ward, at Trade Street. The outside of the restaurant is nothing special, except for a few simple tables and chairs. The atmosphere of the shop is always crowded and bustling with people coming in and out. Sticky rice at the shop is cooked from Huong sticky rice like many other sticky rice dishes, but the taste and aroma make anyone who has tasted it here unable to resist and order another serving.


5.2 Horseshoe crab

Next, let's come to another famous Ha Long specialty, which is horseshoe crabs. In particular, horseshoe crabs can be customised to a variety of dishes from sam salad, fried horseshoe crabs vermicelli, horseshoe crabs cartilage, sweet and sour fried horseshoe crabs, ... Horseshoe crabs' meat is both sweet and chewy, very easy to eat, so it's easy to eat. suitable for all tastes.

Suggested address: Hung Mit Restaurant - Bach Dang, Ha Long, Quang Ninh / Price: 50,000 - 75,000 VND / crab

5.3 Mantis shrimp noodle

Mantis noodle shrimp is among the popular dishes in Quang Ninh. This dish is a combination of chewy noodles with attractive fresh seafood. The broth is carefully stewed from the bones, so it is very rich, and it is great to eat with herbs.

Suggested address: Fishing village noodle shop - No. 1 Le Thanh Tong, Hong Gai, Ha Long, Quang Ninh / Price: 20,000 - 50,000 VND/bowl


5.4 Oyster milk porridge

Milk oysters are processed into many delicious dishes such as grilled oysters with onion fat, oysters with cheese... but the most unusual and easiest to eat is oyster porridge. Oyster porridge is also a specialty dish of Quang Ninh. Oyster milk porridge adds many vitamins and nutrients to the body, and has the effect of supporting the treatment of diseases: Hypertension, headache, dizziness, diabetes ...

Oyster porridge is an extremely nutritious Ha Long specialty with many nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the body. Oyster porridge has a delicious taste mixed with a little sweetness of milk, so it is chosen by many tourists as a snack.

Suggested address: Khanh Ly Restaurant - Hung Vuong Street, Ka Long, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh / Price: 30,000 - 50,000 VND/bowl.

5.5 Nodding cake

Nodding cake is one of the celebrated specialties of Quang Ninh, carefully assembled by the individuals of Tien Yen from the ordinary rice within the region. In case you have got the opportunity to visit this arrive, you may likely be told approximately gesturing cakes by long-standing pastry specialists. Within the past, the local people in Tien Yen enjoyed having breakfast with rice noodles, but they not only just liked the type of cake with the filling interior, but also hope to keep the flavor of the rice. The reason for the title "nodding" is since when held in the hand, the piece of cake influences, and gestures up and down exceptionally curiously.

To get a delicious batch of cakes, bakers need to soak the rice overnight, wait for it to drain, and then grind it into a powder. The people of Tien Yen often grind rice with a stone mortar so that the rice grains are pureed, smooth, and retain the flavour. In particular, to want the cake to be spongy and flexible, people often add cold rice. Although the process of making cakes is a bit of a feat, that's why Quang Ninh nodding cake is loved by many tourists.

Suggested address: Ha Long Night Market - Ha Long Marine Boulevard, Bai Chay, City. Ha Long/ Price: 15,000 – 25,000 VND/piece.

6. Top overnight cruises in Ha Long Bay

6.1 Ambassador Cruise Ha Long

Listed in the "best overnight cruise in Halong Bay", Ambassador Halong Cruise is a luxury yacht with 5-star standard. True to its name, the cruises will bring visitors the best experience and relaxation with the main sightseeing route Ha Long Bay - Surprise Cave - Titop Island, Cua Van Fishing Village.

 The ship is designed in steel with 46 rooms with private balconies accommodating up to 110 people, along with the ship with the largest sundeck in Ha Long Bay (87m2) will bring you can enjoy the trip. Bay cruise with unique services: luxury spa on yacht, sundeck swimming pool, piano room and restaurant. Moreover, with a classic, luxurious and stylish design that gives you a friendly and close feeling – Ambassador Cruises will definitely be a choice not to be missed for any high-class guests. opportunity to visit Ha Long Bay.


6.2 Emeraude Classic Cruise Ha Long

Cruise down Ha Long Bay Emeraude Classic Cruise will take you into the space of a beautiful wonder in the world. Designed with luxurious and noble interiors in classic French style, the yacht will bring people great moments of rest and relaxation.

There are 3 floors with 37 luxury cabins, which can serve passengers with many perfect services and luxurious levels like a high-class hotel cruising on the sea. On board, there are services such as massage, kayaking, morning exercise, cooking lessons. Guests will enjoy delicious European, Asian and seafood dishes in a buffet style.

6.3 Paradise Luxury Sails Ha Long

Paradise Sails is a traditional wooden yacht that harmoniously blends modernity, luxury and national identity. The insides of the dispatch is totally wooden, bringing a warm, classic feeling, greatly charming but still guaranteeing greatest consolation for guests. The sophisticated dining room space, diverse food and drink menu is the perfect choice for cozy parties.

Guests are also immersed in the magnificent scenery of the limestone mountains and the characteristic blue water of Ha Long Bay at the spacious fully equipped sunbathing area. In particular, the yacht has international standard relaxing spa services. Guests will have the most impressive experiences on this luxurious luxury yacht in Ha Long Bay.


6.4 Paradise Elegance Halong Cruise

Paradise Elegance Halong Bay is the largest and most luxurious cruise on Ha Long Bay, Paradise Elegance is always chosen as the venue for important events: welcoming high-class guests, fashion shows or special live music shows.

 With 31 spacious cabins and private balconies overlooking the bay, Paradise Elegance offers completely new experiences for visitors to visit Ha Long Bay, a "floating hotel" in the heart of heritage. An interesting combination of classic sophistication and luxurious modern style, create a unique beauty for this yacht, consisting of 5 floors with spa services, restaurants, sun deck and 2 bars. All rooms on the modern yacht have overhangs and are separated into 4 categories: Select Overhang (14 cabins), Official Overhang (13 cabins), Captain's See Porch Suite (2 cabins) and Class Suite (2 cabins). Each cabin is specially designed, has its own balcony, natural light brings a cozy space to each room.

Le Marin restaurant and Le Piano Bar on the 4th floor provide lively entertainment services. L'Odyssée bar and sun deck area are where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Ha Long Bay. Le Parfum Spa is located on the quiet and secluded 2nd floor. The new and modern spa system and exciting spa treatments will bring you comfort and relaxation after a long journey to visit Ha Long Bay.


6.5 Stellar Of The Seas Cruise

The Stellar of the Seas yacht was put into operation in 2018, belonging to the Aclass luxury yacht line. The yacht impresses with its 5-star interior design, modern and elegant steel shell, and 22 cool rooms. You can admire the jade-green water and majestic limestone mountains from the wide balcony on the yacht.

When participating in the 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights cruise, Stellar of the Seas cruise will take visitors to visit and have interesting experience activities on Lan Ha Bay such as visiting Bright and Dark Cave, watching Hon Duck, Fingers, kayaking, swimming, taking cooking class, enjoying afternoon tea, doing tai chi in the morning. All contribute to making your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

Above are our recommendations for you to have a perfect trip plan to Halong Bay Vietnam. This article seems to be full of necessary information when travelling to Halong Bay. If you still do not know how to organise a tour to Vietnam, precisely, Ha Long Bay, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help you.

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