The Best Travel Guide of Phu Tho Vietnam 2023

Phu Tho Province is one of the most wonderful tourist attractions which has a lot of traditional activities and cuisine, especially the Hung Kings' death anniversary, for visitors to have the best vacation when spending time here. If you are looking for tours to travel to Phu Tho, this article will help you. So, we will give you some important information about the history of Phu Tho Province, what to do, what to eat and a list of ideal accommodations before deciding to plan a trip.

1. What need to know about Phu Tho

1.1. Location

Firstly, the province of Phu Tho is found in Vietnam's northeast. The provinces of Tuyen Quang, Vinh Phuc, Yen Bai, Son La, Ha Noi, and Hoa Binh are bordered by it. Phu Tho Province, which has the city of Viet Tri as its capital, is only 80 kilometers from Hanoi. Between the two cities is Noi Bai International Airport, which is 50 kilometers to the northwest of Viet Tri City.

1.2. History

The history of Phu Tho Vietnam is lengthy and illustrious. The Vietnamese race is thought to have originated there. The earliest kings of Vietnam, the Hung Kings, allegedly picked this location for the country's first capital and gave it the name "Van Lang."

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-hung-king-templeSource: Wikimedia Commons

The Hung Temple is likely to come up at first when you ask a Vietnamese person today what they know about Phu Tho. One of the most significant historical places in the country, here is where worshippers come to honor the Hung King which makes Phu Tho travel become more popular by the national identity.

1.3. Highlights

Vietnam considers Phu Tho to be its original homeland. The mythology of the 18 Kings Hung, who founded Van Lang State, the first state in Vietnam, with Phong Chau as its capital, is connected to the Den Hung (Hung Temple) Ruins.

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Bright culture is found in Phu Tho Vietnam. Son Vi, Dong Dau, Lang Ca, and several pagodas, temples, and tombs around Nghia Linh Mountain are archeological sites that attest to the fact that Phong Chau was once a major Vietnamese cultural hub. When referring to Vietnamese culture, we are confident to say that you are in a multiethnic and multicultural nation where you could explore all the mysterious things about the diverse national identity.

Famous tourist destinations in Phu Tho Vietnam include Xuan Son National Park and Ao Chau Pond. Many tourists travel to Xuan Son every year for recreation and to learn about the region's diverse flora and fauna. By traveling to Ao Chau, visitors can take in the clean air and sample regional delicacies including fruits, carps, turtles, crabs, etc.

2. Best time to visit Phu Tho Province

So, what is the best time to plan the Phu Tho Travel to have a memorable experience? The months of December and December are the ideal times to visit Phu Tho in Vietnam. During this time, there is little to no precipitation and mild temperatures. At Phu Tho, the average temperature ranges from 31°C in July to 35°C in March.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-weather-informationSource: besttimetovisit

You can quickly check the average weather in Phu Tho Vietnam for each month, the monthly temperatures, or the month with the most rainfall in the table below. 

3. How to get Phu Tho Province from Hanoi

There are approximately 95 kilometers between Hanoi and the town of Phu Tho. Here, we would like to introduce you to three ways to get to Phu Tho from Hanoi.

Because of having no flights between these cities, the best and most preferred option of transportation from Hanoi to Phu Tho is via rail. It takes around 2.5 hours to travel to Hanoi by train. Additionally, at 120 Le Duan Street, the Hanoi Railway station is where trains leave.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-2023Source: Photo by Tung Vy

Taking a bus from Hanoi's My Dinh bus terminal is another option to get to Phu Tho Province. Bus travel from Hanoi to Phu Tho takes about 2-3 hours.

Although renting a motorcycle and traveling independently is an option, International Driving Permit (IDP) is required in Vietnam.

4. Must-visit places in Phu Tho Province

4.1 Hung King Temples Complex

4.1.1 Location

Co Tich Hamlet, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province is home to the modestly placed Hung Kings Temple Complex on Nghia Linh Mountain. Residential spaces and woods surround the building. The Hung King's death anniversary is also organized here.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-hung-king-temple-1Source: sangdibui

Phu Tho could be a place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon because it brings about some mysterious things such as historical events, special cuisine and other outstanding activities waiting for couples to explore.

4.1.2. How to get there to Hung Kings temple complex

Around 90 miles separate the Hung Kings Temple Complex from the capital of Hanoi. As a result, many visitors to Phu Tho decide to get here by motorcycle for a day excursion.

Firstly, you follow Thang Long Bridge on your way to Noi Bai International Airport from Hanoi. Next, Travel to Viet Tri City on Highway No. 2, then another 10 kilometers to the Hung Kings Temple Complex. You would arrive there in under three hours.

Buses are another simpler mode of transportation; they leave from My Dinh Bus Terminal roughly every 15 minutes and are in plentiful supply towards Phu Tho Province and Viet Tri City. You can travel to Hung Kings Temple for a reasonable fee by taxi or motorbike taxi after arriving in Viet Tri City.

4.1.3. Key features

Ha Temple, Gieng Temple, Trung and Thuong Temples, King Hung Tomb and Thien Quang Pagoda make up the grand architectural complex known as the Hung Kings Temple. Ha Temple

It was constructed in the fifteenth century and honors Mother Au Co. In accordance with the myth, Au Co gave birth to a pouch containing 100 eggs in this location, which eventually hatched to produce 100 sons. There is a tree that is more than 700 years old in front of the Ha Temple.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-hung-king-temple-2Source: Flickr Gieng Temple

The temple is known as Gieng (Well) Temple because it contains a well called Ngoc (Emerald). According to mythology, Princesses Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa, daughters of the 18th King Hung, had a habit of combing their hair while staring at their reflection in the well. temples

168 brick stairs separate it from Ha Temple. Legend has it that the Kings Hung frequently met here for political gatherings and to take naps. Moreover, it is where the 6th King Hung, who invented sticky rice cakes, gave the throne to Prince Lang Lieu (banh chung and banh day). Thuong temples

Next, Huong Temple is where the offerings to the Sun God, the Ground God, the Rice God, etc. were only made by Hung Kings. Thien Quang Pagoda

The fifth one is Thien Quang Pagoda which was mostly made up of the front shrine (5 compartments), sanctuary, and architecture. It is situated to the right of Ha Temple (3 compartments).

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-thien-quang-pagodaSource: tripadvisor The sixth King Hung Tomb

Legend states that after Saint Giong defeated the An invaders and ascended to Heaven, the sixth King Hung took off his clothing, hung them on a branch of a Kim Giao tree, and promptly passed away.

From April 20 to 29, the province of Phu Tho will host a ceremony commemorating the death anniversary of the Hung Kings. If you decide to travel when the festival is ongoing, you will see the crowded atmosphere and have an opportunity to participate in traditional activities such as Strong national teams playing for the Hung Vuong Cup competing in a volleyball event, a swimming and stand-up paddleboarding competition, and the football tournament.

Therefore, it is undeniable that this place should be one of the best places for Phu Tho travel because it brings about the bustle mood and interesting things to do and fantastic experience.

4.2. Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring

Paradise Pond - Fairy Spring is situated on Na Mountain in the Ha Hoa area, around 80 km from Viet Tri City and 15km from Ao Chau.

Thousands of mountain peaks, each of which reaches an average of 500–600 meters above sea level, along the road leading to Heaven Pond–Fairy Spring. The Na Mountain's 1200m high peak, however, surpasses them all and towers majestically against the clear blue sky.

Na Mountain is the source of Fairy Spring. It transforms into a white silk strip that hangs on the mountainside, standing out from the surrounding forest's green hue and mixing it with the sky's blue color to create an amazing yet enigmatic scene. It runs between the enormous stone blocks. The spring is 10 km long and is covered with yellow sand and rocks that filter the water.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-heave-pondSource: Vietnam net

The Fairy Well is located at the spring's source. At the well's bottom is where water rushes up to form Fairy Spring, which subsequently produces up to 14 breathtaking waterfalls. Some of these waterfalls are 20 meters high, and they resemble white curtains hiding the entrances to a lot of secret caves.

4.3 Ao Chau Pond in Phu Tho

4.3.1. Location

Ao Chau Pond, which is 50 kilometers from Phu Tho district and 70 kilometers from Viet Tri city, is currently thought of as a possible tourist site in the realm of the Hung Kings. So, If you prefer traveling to Phu Tho, you should not forget this tourist attraction.

4.3.2. How to get there

There are some options for you to travel to Ao Chau Pond. Because the road to this location is quite easy for travelers you could use these transportation forms: car, boat, train, etc.

If you decide to use the train, Ao Chau Pond is located directly on the Hanoi-Lao Cai railway, which will soon be expanded to connect numerous nations in the region as well as China's Van Nam province.

National Road 2 connects Hanoi and other Northern Provinces, so it is always the best option if you wish to travel there by car.

Boats on large rivers like the Red River, Da River, and Lo River are very accessible if you want to consider additional options.

4.3.3. Key features

Over 100 islands of various sizes make up the 2 square km surface area of Ao Chau, where a wide variety of priceless and lovely flora grow. These islands' tallest point rises 177 meters above sea level.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-ao-chau-pondSource: Luhanhvietnam

There are also areas where the water is 35 meters deep and never runs out. Many aquatic species, like the Golden Turtle and Trionychid Turtle, can survive and reproduce in Ao Chau thanks to the consistently clear, pure water. Locals have been cultivating a variety of healthful fruits over the past few years, which has enhanced the beauty and allure of the pond.

4.4. Xuan Son National Park

The final place which is standing on top of my recommended attractions is Xuan Son National Park in Phu Tho Province. It is a popular tourist destination for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors because it has a diverse floristic composition with hundreds of plant and tree species, a variety of wild, endangered animals, and stunning natural waterfalls, caves and so on.

4.4.1. Location

The Hoang Lien Mountains' most southernmost point, in the Red River's watershed, is where Xuan Son National Park is situated. The closest point above 2,000 meters is 40 kilometers to the northwest.

In comparison to other parts of the Hoang Lien mountains, Xuan Son has lower elevations. Additionally, 1,661 acres are made up of limestone karst. There are several caverns in the limestone karst, some of which include river systems.

4.4.2. How to get there

By continuing National Road No.32 from Hanoi, you can go by automobile or motorcycle to Xuan Son National Park. A visit to the Du Village and a hike up the Ten Mountain are both popular excursion options.

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-xuan-son-parkSource: vietnamdiscovery

One of the many reasons the trip is so worthwhile is the spectacular view of the hundreds of hectares of tea plantation along the route. It can take your motorbike a couple of hours to get to the village due to the rough and narrow roads. Du Village, the most distant region in Phu Tho Province, is also where the Dao ethnic group resides.

4.4.3. Key features

Lowland and lower montane evergreen forest, together with lowland and lower montane limestone forest, are the two main types of native vegetation at Xuan Son. To date, 121 bird species, 48 mammal species, 314 vascular species of plants, and 13 species of reptiles have all been discovered in Xuan Son National Park.

​​best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-xuan-son-park-1Source: dantocmiennui

According to the investment plan, there was one group of three or four Black-cheeked Crested Gibbons (Hylobates concolor) and one group of fifteen to eighteen Phayre's Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus phayrei). It is unknown how these species are doing right now at the location, and it is possible that neither is locally extinct.

Also, it is said that the large cave networks of Xuan Son sustain a wide variety of bat species. Flora

With 180 families, 680 genera, and 1,217 species across 6 vascular plant phyla, the flora of the Xuan Son National Park is exceptionally rich and diverse. These taxa have diverse taxonomic distributions. Climate

best-travel-guide-of-phu-tho-xuan-sonSource: VietnamOnline

Xuan Son has an exceptional climate. Four different seasons occur on the same day. The weather is crisp and cool like spring in the morning. The heat of summer is present during midday. There is a soft afternoon breeze that puffs like it's fall. And in the evening, the temperature drops a bit, almost like winter.

5. Top "must-try" food in Phu Tho Vietnam

5.1 Thanh Son sour meat

The first dish to bring up while discussing Phu Tho delicacies is sour meat. In the Thanh Son region of the province of Phu Tho, this is a specialty dish of the Muong ethnic group and listed at the top of must-try dishes by Phu Tho tourists. Pork that has been organically grazed and roasted is the key component of this dish.

top-food-in-phu-tho-thanh-son-sour-meatSource: Photos by Phuong Anh

Bacon and lean shoulder meat must be used to prepare this sour meat meal, which is fermented in accordance with a unique Muong recipe. Unusual, odd, and very simple to eat, sour pork can be simply paired with a variety of cuisines.

With some raw vegetables like guava leaves, clove leaves, fig leaves, etc., sour meat is frequently given. On the dining table, this dish goes well with a few cold beer bottles.

5.2. Ear cake

The cuisine of Phu Tho travel, Ear Cake, a delectable dish that is offered every day in Phu Tho, was formerly known as Hon Cake. Simply said, the reason why Ear Cake acquired that name is because of its ear-like shape.


Source: Photo by baophutho

It is made of rice and stuffed with meat. Even though the recipe appears to be quite simple, not just anybody can prepare this delicious cake.

Ear Cake should be eaten as soon as it is still warm. You will find the taste of ear cake tempting if you hold it in your hands and consume it carefully. It is simultaneously soft, crispy, buttery, sweet, and perfumed. We believe that this cuisine would be outstanding for new visitors.

5.3. Stew fish with canarium

Thumb-sized black canarium that is ripe has a shiny black colour, a long diamond shape, and a fatty taste. It is frequently dipped in sesame salt or peanut salt. And a really appealing dish is made by braising sour canarium with fish.

As the sweetness of the soy sauce and fish protein penetrate the canarium, eliminating the acrid taste and lessening the sour taste, bringing a somewhat sour, meaty flavor, the canarium absorbs the sour flavor, giving the fish a sour flavor.

5.4. Palm leaf rice ball

The rice ball wrapped in palm leaves represents the Phu Tho people's entire culture, way of life, and connection to the natural world.

While being a straightforward and unassuming dish, the rice ball made from palm leaves demonstrates the Phu Tho people's inventiveness. The cooked rice will be coiled and clenched to create this meal.

The rice is next rolled through the palm leaf. Eating sesame salt or dry roasted pork with this food is common. It seems to be simple but this dish captures both the spirit of the nation and the essence of heaven and earth.

5.5. Doan Hung pomelo

Pomelos of the Doan Hung kind are well-known around the world and not just in Phu Tho Province.

The fruit of this perennial plant is spherical, flattened, weighs on average around 1 kg, is bright yellow when ripe, has a thin pulp, is dry, succulent, sweet-tasting, and has a distinctive perfume.

top-food-in-phu-tho-doan-hung-pomeloSource: lingoconnector

Bang Luan and Suu Chi Dam pomelo are the two most delectable pomelo kinds, and they are both grown in Doan Hung. Whereas Suu Chi Dam pomelo has medium-sized, yellow-green fruit with somewhat wrinkled skin, Bang Luan pomelo has huge, yellow-green skin.

5.6. Xao chuoi

The best time to consume Xao Chuoi is while it's still hot after being scooped out into a bowl. Eat Xao Chuoi continuously without becoming bored because of its sweet, delicate flavor that melts away with the aroma of galangal filling the air.

top-must-try-food-in-phu-thoSource: Youtube

Formerly exclusively prepared on special occasions with a lot of labor from the Lam Thao people, Xao chuoi is now a staple dish served at every meal. This meal is also not easy to eat, so it would be a challenge for new tourists in Phu Tho so far.

6. Best hotels to stay in Phu Tho Vietnam

6.1. Muong Thanh Luxury Phu Tho Hotel

In the center of the energetic Viet Tri City, on Hung Vuong Boulevard, is the Muong Thanh Luxurious Phu Tho Hotel. It has a variety of services and amenities to suit your needs and was constructed to a 5-star quality using opulent and modern architecture.

best-hotels-to-stay-in-phu-tho-muong-thanhSource: Photo courtesy of the hotel

The magnificent vistas, lush tea hills, and wide steppes are all easily accessible from here. When Phu Tho tourists wish to rest and spend amazing leisure time with family, friends, and loved ones, Muong Thanh Luxurious is undoubtedly the best option.

6.2. Rosy Viet Tri Hotel

Vietnam National University is 49 kilometers from the Phu Tho region's Rosy Viet Tri Hotel. The hotel provides room service and a 24-hour front desk for its guests.

The hotel provides kettles in each room. The hotel's rooms include a flat-screen TV and air conditioning.

best-hotels-to-stay-in-phu-thoSource: Booking

Noi Bai International Airport, which is 56 kilometers away from the lodging, is the closest airport.

6.3. Thanh Lam Resort

It is located in the southwest, about 2km from the center of Thanh Thuy town, Phu Tho Province. The resort which is surrounded by hills and mountains, is one of the largest hot mineral bathing sites. This is also the favorite accommodation of tourists in Phu Tho due to its popularity of geyser quality.

Though it is still new, it is known as a hot mineral spring with a reputation for high-quality water. Responding to the increasing needs of tourists, Thanh Lam Resort has built more models of massage mineral bath, mineral mud bath and natural aromatherapy sauna, with the famous hot mineral bath combined, in order to serve tourists here.

6.4. SOJO Hotel Viet Tri

The SOJO Hotel Viet Tri is situated on Hung Vuong Boulevard in the province of Phu Tho, which is referred to as the "country of the ancestors" due to its heroic past and distinctive culture.

best-hotels-to-stay-in-phu-tho-sojo-viet-triSource: Trip

Visitors to SOJO Hotel Viet Tri will form lasting impressions of the new type of lodging thanks to its distinctive design, which draws inspiration from the place of ethnic origin and the birthplace of Lac Viet culture.

7. Preparing to travel to Phu Tho Vietnam

We will give some necessary advice for you before traveling to Phu Tho.

Firstly, asking for a fair price whether dining or shopping will help you avoid being "ripped off."

When you are planning the Phu Tho travel during the death anniversary of the Hung King, you have to book a room in advance. Additionally, to prevent being pushed around and merely needing to stop by to take in the beauty, you should pick a time when there isn't a festival.

If you visit an eco-tourism destination, you need to also get ready to bring sunscreen, an umbrella, bug repellent, and nice clothing to make it simpler to ascend the mountain.

Above are some of useful for your best of Northern Vietnam and especially your specific trip to Phu Tho. However, if you have other questions about tours to Vietnam, you can look for more information by contact us. Have a good experience!

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