The Best Travel Guide of Nghe An Vietnam 2023

Nghe An Province is known as a hidden gem located in the north-central of Vietnam and one of the largest provinces of Vietnam with an area of approximately 16,490 square kilometers.  In this article, our travel agency will provide you with the best travel guide to Nghe An 2023.

1. Nghe An Province Overview

Nghe An is a province located in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam, proud to be the birthplace of many talented historical figures, including Ho Chi Minh - a beloved leader of the Vietnamese people, making it a significant destination for those who want to know more about Vietnamese history, culture, and natural beauty.

Having nearly 82 km of coastline, Nghe An Province is famous for its beautiful beaches such as Cua Lo, Bai Lu, Quynh Phuong,... , and mountains, caves that are sure to attract many nature lovers all over the world.

In the next few years,  Nghe An tourism is expected to develop into an important destination for tourists with a diverse range of tour types: spiritual tourism, beach tourism, discovery tourism, forest tourism, etc.

2. How to get to Nghe An Province

There are different ways to get you to Nghe An Province, depending on your preference and budget. You can consider one of these means of transportation: 

  • Plane

It is easy for tourists to travel to Nghe An by air as the flight routes to Vinh City from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have already been put into operation. This is the fastest way to reach Nghe An Vietnam from Hanoi, about 55 minutes and about 2 hours from HCMC. 

  • Bus

Choosing a bus for moving can be a much more cost-saving and convenient way. There are many bus routes for you to choose with a total price of only around 200,000 VND/person. You can take a bus to Nghe An city center from My Dinh, Giap Bat, and Nuoc Ngam station. However, it can be uncomfortable during peak times as people are usually packed like sardines and the service may not be good. 

  • Train

You can also catch the train to Vinh, Nghe An. It takes visitors around 5 hours and 30 minutes from Hanoi to Vinh and more than a day if you travel from Ho Chi Minh City. This means of transport is usually for those who have plenty of time and want to watch the scenery on the way.


3. The best time to visit Nghe An 

Nghe An weather is likely to be warm every month with both a wet and dry season as it has a tropical savanna climate. For beach lovers and visitors who enjoy water sports, the best time to visit is June to July. 

If you want to go take part in outdoor activities such as sightseeing, camping, trekking, and visiting historical sites, come in season from December to April as there is less rainfall interrupting your trip.

For those who love to watch fully bloomed flowers, come during the late winter or early spring to get the best photos.

Nghe An, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide 2023

Visitors can watch plum blossoms in Muong Long commune, Nghe An around early spring

Source: Hong Ngoc Ha

4. The best places for tourists to visit in Nghe An Province

4.1. Cua Lo Beach

Located in the Cua Lo Town of Nghe An Province, Cua Lo Beach is a wonderful beach with deep blue sea water and long stretched, wide sandy beach. In addition to bathing on this beach, tourists who love water sports can try windsurfing, riding a water motorbike or a jetski. Cua Lo Beach is also famous because of its diversity of sea foods such as squids, crabs, oysters,... which can be found in any restaurant near the beach.

Nghe An, Vietnam - The Best Travel Guide 2023

Cua Lo Town near Cua Lo Beach, Nghe An

Source: Visit Nghe An

4.2. Khe Kem Waterfall

Heading to the Western part of Nghe An province to the Pu Mat National Park, Khe Kem Waterfall is a breathtaking natural gift created on this sunny and windy land. The waterfall reaches a height of 500 meters and flows all year round. The magnificent and poetic beauty of this place is perfect for taking stunning pictures and trekking through the park.