The Best Travel Guide of Long An Vietnam 2023

Nowadays, Long An is receiving a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists. If you have come here for the first time and do not know anything about Long An, follow Vietnam Original Travel to the article below to "pocket" right away the best Long An travel guide 2023.

Long An is an intermediate land between the West and the Southeast. Therefore, you can discover the unique cultural features of the indigenous people. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the water and countless famous delicacies.

1. What need to know about Long An Vietnam

Long An is located in the Mekong Delta, about 50 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city. This is the key economic region of the South.

Long An has diverse natural tourism resources. Although Long An is not a prominent destination and listed in the top 10 Vietnam excursions from Saigon, it has many attractions that you can visit on the weekend or short trips.

2. The best time to travel to Long An Vietnam

Long An Vietnam has a humid tropical monsoon climate. According to geographical location, this place is characterized by the climate of the Mekong Delta. Therefore, you can travel to Long An in any season of the year.


Harvest water lily in flood season (Source: la34)

Long An attracts visitors in the dry season. It usually takes place from December to April next year. In particular, if you want to see the beauty of lotus flowers, go to Long An in the rainy season. The time takes place from July to October.

3. How to get to Long An?

  • From Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces to Long An

Due to the undeveloped transport infrastructure, Long An tourism is most convenient by road. From Ho Chi Minh City or neighboring provinces, you can buy tickets from the bus operators running Long An. You can contact any trustworthy Vietnam travel agency to organize the tour for you.

In addition, you can also travel to Long An by motorbike or family car. Traveling by this means will bring comfort in terms of time and schedule.