The Best Travel Guide of Dong Nai Vietnam 2023

Located not far from Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai province is a promising destination for tourists who are eager to visit a mixed-place of tourism, economy and culture. Let’s find out more about Dong Nai in this article or check out quickly some excursions from Saigon for your easy travel to this destination.


Getting rid of the hustling daily life but do not want such a dull place? Dong Nai Vietnam must be the destination to satisfy your demand. This province is a cosmopolitan one with a rich and diversified culture mixed, which has not only picturesque landscapes but also modern entertaining activities waiting for you.

Dong Nai is in the South East region of Vietnam. Hence, the weather in this province can be described as “neutral”, which means not too hot or cold. Dong Nai Vietnam has 2 distinct seasons, including rainy and dry one. Specifically, the rainy season begins in April and ends in November. Whereas, the dry season lasts from December to March of the following year. In general, the climate in Dong Nai province is mostly sunshine with high humidity.

best-travel-guide-of-dong-nai-2023Dong Nai in the dry season (Source: Sonadezi Long Binh)


Thanks to the neutral climate, tourists can visit Dong Nai province at any time of the year. The beauty of Dong Nai landscape is not changed so dramatically during the months so the schedule can be adjusted easily. However, like it has been mentioned above, the dry season of Dong Nai is between December and March. This period is not only the best time to travel to Vietnam but also the most highly recommended for traveling to Dong Nai as your trip will not be affected or delayed by unexpected rains.


3.1. By motorbike

One of the most common means of transportation to Dong Nai is motorbike. Riding on your bike through the national route 1A, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the street. Remember to bring all necessary vehicle licenses and obey the Vietnamese traffic rules.

how-to-travel-to-dong-nai-from-saigonVisit Dong Nai by motorbike (Source: internet)

3.2. By car and limousine

Another suggestion for eager-to-visit travelers is car and limousine. Generally, there is no significant difference between car and motorbike in the exploring aspects as both of these vehicles will move on the national route 1A. However, for families with elderly and babies, a car or limousine could be safer and better for hiding from the sunshine.

3.3. By train

Sounds weird right? Moving to Dong Nai by train is now a rising trend among young people. The journey will only take 45 minutes to 1 hour if you start at Ho Chi Minh train station and stop at Bien Hoa train station.

best-options-for-transportation-to-dong-naiTravel to Dong Nai by train (Source: VnExpress)


4.1. Nam Cat Tien National Park

For untouched-natural beauty seekers, Nam Cat Tien National Park must be a not-to-miss destination when you pay a visit to Dong Nai Vietnam. The primitive forest lies among 3 provinces, which is the basement for its being home for various species from animals to plants.

Trekking is highly suggested for the best sightseeing experience as every single step will let you emerge into the mysterious world of nature. One remarkable activity in Nam Cat Tien is traveling to the Crocodile Lake Wetland Complex, or Bau Sau in Vietnamese, and watching the 100%-wild crocodiles catching their prey.

You can have a look at the Nam Cat Tien park 2 Day tour to get what to do or what to visit in this wonderful destination.

top-places-to-visit-in-dong-nai-cat-tien-parkBau Sau (Source: 5hHz)

4.2. Tran Bien Temple of Literature

In 1715, ancient Vietnamese built Tran Bien Temple of Literature with the mission of being the first educational and cultural destination in Bien Hoa city. The temple marks a special historical period when Nguyen Lords enlarged the country to the South, contributing to the shape of Vietnam these days.  

Appearing so significant with historical structure, Tran Bien has 9 main parts, including Van Mieu gate, gravestone house, Khue Van Cac, Tinh Quang lake, Dai Thanh gate, Khong Tu statue, the ceremony yard and the main temple. Visiting Tran Bien, newcomers will emerge into the mixture of old and modern Vietnamese culture which still maintains its value over the years. 

4.3. Tan Trieu Pomelo Village

A village for pomelo-lovers? Tan Trieu Village promises to offer tourists more than that. The fresh air and poetic scenery in this small and peaceful village will indulge you with the feeling of getting away from it all.

Locals in Tan Trieu develop their village into eco-tourism, which means not only focusing on making profits but also paying attention to the environment of nature in the village.

top-places-to-visit-in-dong-nai-tan-trieu-pomelo-villageTan Trieu pomelo village (Source: 52Hz)

4.4. Dong Nai Golf resort

Dong Nai Golf Resort started its business in 1998 and was proudly chosen as Top 10 most beautiful golf scenery in Southeast Asia. The total area is estimated at about 260ha and the quality is assured based on the golf global standard. What makes the difference in Dong Nai Golf is that the landscape is reserved for keeping the untouched natural beauty and the friendliness of the resort's staff. Listening to the bird chirping and the melody of a nearby natural stream while playing golf must be an unforgettable experience for every tourist. 

4.5. Giang Dien waterfall

Giang Dien waterfall is located in Trang Bom town, which is only about 20 kilometers from Bien Hoa city. There is a big chain of waterfalls in Giang Dien, including 3 main waterfalls. According to local legend, the Couple Waterfall in Giang Dien witnessed a couple killing themselves to protect their love hundreds years ago. Hence, every year, many couples come to Giang Dien to pray for their romantic relationships.

top-places-to-visit-in-dong-nai-giang-dien-waterfallGiang Dien waterfall (Source: Du Lich Dong Nai)

4.6. Buu Quang Pagoda

In Dong Nai Vietnam, Buu Quang is the largest pagoda standing in the highest position of Gia Lao mountain. To reach the pagoda, visitors need to go up a 365-step stairway 3.2 kilometers long. Buu Quang pagoda was built into the mountain to rise as a beautiful flower within the blanket of trees. 


5.1. Pomelo salad

Besides being a well-known fruit in Dong Nai, pomelo is also used by locals to make salad. Pomelo salad of Dong Nai province has been awarded in the top 100 Vietnamese specialties thanks to its uniqueness and harmony. The juicy-and-sweet pomelo is mixed together with the fresh shrimp and pork, decorated with peanuts and fragrant vegetables.

Top-food-to-try-in-dong-nai-pomelo-saladPomelo salad (Source: Internet)

5.2. Bien Hoa fish salad

Another famous salad in Dong Nai is fish salad. To enjoy the most original taste of fish salad, you must visit Bien Hoa city. Dong Nai people catch fish directly from Dong Nai river and cook this salad in an amazing traditional way to keep the best freshness. Dip the salad into the spicy but sweet sauce and let the delicious taste take its course.

5.3. Cha Lui

Dong Nai is not the home of Cha Lui, but the way Cha Lui is made in this province is definitely unique from others. Pork and shrimp are smashed into tiny species and wrapped in rice paper. Then, those rolls are grilled on coal fire to keep the attractive smoky smell. Having together with raw vegetables and dipping the Cha Lui into the red peanut sauce to enjoy the unforgettable taste.

Top-food-to-try-in-dong-nai-grilled-vietnamese-rice-paperCha Lui Bien Hoa (Source: Nguoi Dong Nai)

5.4. Bagridae Fish Hotpot

Although Tri An Lake in Dong Nai is mainly used for electricity-producing purposes, this lake provides a wide range of valuable fish. Bagridae fish, or “ca Lang” in Vietnamese is well-known for its freshness and delicious taste. Dong Nai people cook this fish in a hot pot and eat it along with wild vegetables collected in the local tropical forest.


Bagridae Fish Hotpot (Source: My Dong Nai)

5.5. Long Khanh Fruit

For fruit-lovers, Long Khanh is a must-visit destination in Dong Nai. With the nutritive soil given by mother nature, the local residents grow dozens of tropical fruit. The fruit in Long Khanh has a uniquely attractive-and-sweet taste, which can please even the most irritable tourists. Durians, To Nu jackfruit, and mangosteen are highly recommended choices.

Top-food-to-try-in-dong-nai-long-khanh-fruitLong Khanh fruit (Source: Toplist)


Among the Dong Nai province, the hotel chain in Bien Hoa City is believed to achieve the highest quality to serve the requirements of tourists. There is a wide selection for you to choose from, regarding your affordable ability. In case you visit Dong Nai for the first time and do not know how to find suitable accommodation, pay a visit to local Vietnam travel agencies or Vietnam Travel Original website to gather better information.

top-hotel-to-stay-in-dong-naiA hotel in Bien Hoa City (Source: Internet)

Here are some best travel guides for your trip to Dong Nai Vietnam. We really hope that all of them will be helpful for your great time in Dong Nai ahead!

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