The Best Travel Guide of Binh Dinh Vietnam 2023

Lying along the southern central of Vietnam, Binh Dinh province is famous for its distinctive cultural heritage and spectacular landscapes. For those seeking a destination that has both mountains and seas, Binh Dinh is likely to match your interest. 


Based on Vietnamese history, Binh Dinh Vietnam appeared as a heroic land, bringing up Quang Trung Emperor - the hero in plain clothing - and being the origin of Binh Dinh martial arts. In this modern time, this province attracts millions of tourists per year thanks to the untouched natural beauty and friendliness of locals. Visiting Binh Dinh, newcomers can get the chance to explore Ky Co, Eo Gio and Quy Nhon city. Moreover, this land was discovered as the core destination of Sa Huynh culture and was once long chosen as the capital of Cham Kingdom. 

The climate in Binh Dinh is often dry and humid, typical for the tropical climate pattern of Vietnam. Due to the effect of southerly and northerly winds, there are 2 specific seasons in this province, including wet and dry ones. Although the weather is quite hot, visitors are suggested to visit Binh Dinh from January to August, or during the dry season, to have the best traveling experience without disturbance from climate. Winds from the sea will help to cool the atmosphere. 


Binh Dinh in sunshine (Source: Bao Chinh phu)


Like it has been mentioned above, the best time to visit Binh Dinh is in the dry season. Or, to be more specific, it is about the middle of February until the end of April (spring) and from the start of August to the end of September (autumn). This is the dry season and thanks to the cool and fresh air from the sea, the weather in Binh Dinh is frigid enough for serving tourists. Visiting Binh Dinh at this time will be more convenient to explore local famous destinations. 

On the other hand, similar to other central provinces in Vietnam, the weather becomes disastrous during the wet season of Binh Dinh. Due to heavy rains, tropical storms are created and lead to bad flooding and even landslides. Hence, for safety requirements, tourists should not visit Binh Dinh in wet season. 


Binh Dinh during dry season (Source: Saigon Times)    


3.1. By plane

The cost of this transportation is the highest and worthiest as traveling by plane allows tourists to save a great deal of time. Flying is suitable for those who are in urgent need or prefer to capture Binh Dinh landscape from a bird’s eye view. 

If your journey begins in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, you can book a ticket of Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, etc. to Phu Cat airport of Binh Dinh. The flight will take approximately 60 minutes. 


Phu Cat Airport (Source: BestPrice)

3.2. By private car

Private car is highly recommended for family journeys to Binh Dinh. This type of transportation is not only well affordable but also gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes from both sides of the road. 

3.3. By motorbike

While cars are better used for families, motorbikes are the utmost dream choice of vehicle for youngsters or adventure-seekers who travel individually. However, traveling by motorbike requires patience and carefulness from travelers to deal with unexpected cases on the road. 

One tip for motorbike trips is that you should pay attention to vehicle documents and road rules in Vietnam to ride at a suitable speed. To maintain energy, it is better for you to take a snap moderately. 

3.4. By train

In recent times, the tendency to travel by train has been rising in popularity among young people. Having been built hundreds of years ago, the train is a traditional-and-safe transportation method for tourists to visit Binh Dinh province. The cost of traveling by train is not too high compared to by plane or private car. Nevertheless, the engine of the train is quite noisy so you should consider carefully if you prefer a quiet space. 


Train to Binh Dinh (Source: VnExpress International)

3.5. By coach

The special point of coaches to Binh Dinh is that most of them begin at night to make sure that tourists can explore Binh Dinh province at the start of the day. During the trip by coach, you can relax and keep the energy for the journey ahead.  


4.1. Quy Nhon beaches

Quy Nhon city - the city of Binh Dinh - is well-known as a city of poets with friendly people and poetic beauty of landscapes, especially beaches. Given by mother nature, it is true to say that Quy Nhon is a “rich man” in the central region owning loads of breathtaking shores. Some significant names in the top-list beaches are Nhom beach, Xep beach, Queen beach, etc. 


Queen beach (Source: Internet)

4.2. Ghenh Rang Tien Sa

Another not-to-miss destination in Quy Nhon is Ghenh Rang Tien Sa. This is a cluster of stones lying by the sea with a uniquely gorgeous layout. The sculptures here are so romantic and spectacular that could please the eyes of the most irritable tourist coming. 


Ghenh Rang Tien Sa (Source: Quy Nhon Tourist)

4.3. Phuong Mai Peninsula

Looking for charming sand hills? Phuong Mai Peninsula in Binh Dinh will definitely be the place that you must pay a visit. The peninsular has an enormous amount of white and brown sand rolling to create beautiful hills. From Phuong Mai Peninsula, tourists can observe a spectacular picture from nature with crystal blue sea and lyrical white sands. 


Phuong Mai Peninsula (Source: internet)

4.4. Eo Gio (The Windy Pass)

Eo Gio, or the Windy Pass, can be described as an untouched natural significance in Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh province. The pass leans back greenish mountains and hugs the lovely blue sea, which draws a wonderful lively picture. Carefully watching from the pass with supported binoculars, visitors could even see the sea creatures as the water is freshly blue. 


The Windy Pass (Source: Bach Hoa Xanh)

4.5. Ong Nui Pagoda

Located in the rural area of Binh Dinh province, Chua Ong is one of the most famous Buddhist relic destinations among locals and visitors. This pagoda admires Ong Nui, or Old Nui, who was believed to give medicine for curing poor people in the area without asking for money back. From the pagoda, visitors would take the chance to observe wide-and-spread peaceful paddy fields and even the blue sea. 


Ong Nui Pagoda from a bird’s eyes view (Source: Internet)

4.6. FLC Zoo Safari Park

For families that have energetic kids, this is a must-visit place for your journey. FLC Zoo Safari Park was built based on the role model of safari parks in the world. The park is about 129ha, preserves more than 900 species of both normal and rare natural creatures such as black swan, Tadorama duck, etc. A camping area is also provided. 


Observing lions in FLC Zoo Safari Park (Source: FLC Resort)

4.7. Ham Ho Valley

The Ham Ho Valley is created by a section of the river, running along the foot of Truong Son mountain range. The valley is covered by a primitive forest with a blanket of tropical trees mirroring the river water. Visiting Ham Ho Valley, not only will tourists enjoy the gorgeous landscape but also refresh their minds in the gentle breeze created by forest and river. 


Ham Ho Valley (Source: Vietravel)


5.1. Vermicelli and pig intestine

Vermicelli and pig intestine is a traditional specialty in Binh Dinh. Locals often have this dish for breakfast as the nutrition provided from it is high enough to get the energy for working and studying til noon. The going-along fish sauce can be described as the soul of this kind of food.


Vermicelli and pig intestine (Source: Internet)

5.2. Fresh seafood

Visiting a coastal province like Binh Dinh without having seafood is such a pity. The seafood is caught directly from the sea and served by local people so the freshness is still maintained surely well. 


Seafood in Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh (Source: Land tour Quy Nhon)

5.3. Thorn Leaf Cake

This cake is named after the leaf used to make it - the thorn leaf. Thorn Leaf Cake has the color of black outside and yellow of green beans inside. Biting a small piece of the cake, you can enjoy the sticky and slightly sweet taste.


Thorn Leaf Cake (Source: Phunuvietnam)

5.4. Fish Noodle

The fish noodle is a pride of Quy Nhon people as this specialty is cooked totally from the fish caught from the local sea. They use fish bones to make the soup, the fish meat to make fish balls and the noodles are also handmade. 


Fish noodle (Source: Foody)

5.5. Shrimp Pancake

Though pancakes are popular in Vietnam, Binh Dinh pancake is somehow different from other regions. The pancake in Binh Dinh is much smaller with shrimp being the main ingredient. Rolling with herbs and dipping in fish sauce is recommended to boost the delicious taste of the pancake.


Shrimp Pancake (Source: Cu Lao Gieng)


In general, most of the attractive destinations of Binh Dinh province are in or nearby Quy Nhon city. Hence, it is highly recommended for you to book accommodation in Quy Nhon. There are loads of options provided, ranging from luxurious standards to more affordable ones. 

For those who want to have a sea view room, An Duong Vuong, Nguyen Trung Tin, etc. are some main streets that you should consider looking for hotels. 


A hotel in Quy Nhon (Source: Traveloka)

Binh Dinh is a surely attractive destination for not only natural beauty seekers but also families that find a tranquil place to get away from the hustle of daily life. The travel guides above could give you some helpful advice for your trip ahead. And for those who come to Binh Dinh for the first time, let’s visit Vietnam Original Travel to enrich your travel plan perfectly. 

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