Term & conditions

The terms and conditions between customers and companies are prerequisites in trading transactions. The conditions are a inseparable part in the contracts through verbal or written agreements between Vietnam Original Travel and our customers.


1. Registration and payment

After receiving your confirmation, we will then provide a hotel booking form with full details. The form needs to be sent back to Vietnam Original Travel

Our email: info@vietnamoriginal-travel.com
Or Phone: (84 8) 62 60 67 68
Mail to our address: 10th Floor, Trico Building, 548 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

You need to pay in advance 30% of total costs by either credit cards or money transfer through banks. As soon as receiving your deposits, we then will process all service included in your trips such as, hotels, domestic airplane tickets, restaurants, cars…Contracts and receipts will be sent to you through fax or email after all services are successful completed. The balance can be paid one month before the trips or when arriving Vietnam. In the irresistible events, your trips may be changed due to objective issues such as, domestic airplane time, weather…We always try our best to keep your whole benefits and you will receive notice as soon as possible.

2 . Price

Prices are quoted in USD or EU. The prices are based on the mentioned service in the plans such as, duration, number of customers, hotels…and may be changed due to the change of domestic air tickets, monetary and the conditions of visited countries. In this events, the notification documents will be presented.


3. Responsible insurance

Vietnam Original Travel is not responsible for the loss which is caused by weather, natural disasters, accidents or political issues. Customers must have personal insurance. The company also is not responsible for delay, problems of transportation. Our team will try our best to find similar substitutes.


4. Cancellation policy

In the event of your cancellation due to personal reasons, Vietnam Original Travel will remain the right to keep the deposits:

  • 45 days before the tour: 20% total of your tour
  • 20 to 44 days before the tour: 40% total of your tour
  • 15 to 19 days before the tour: 60% total of your tour
  • 04 to 14 days before the tour: 80% total of your tour
  • Less than 04 days before the tour: 100% total of your tour

The condition is applied to all customers of Vietnam Original Travel.


5. Procedures

Before signing contracts, Vietnam Original Travel will inform you all important steps of administrative procedures such as, Your ID, passport, visa and vaccination.


6. Hotels

According to the rules of international hotels, check-out procedure is completed before noon. And all other services will be added from 14:00.


7. Validity

The price is only valid within a certain time mentioned in the quote, receipts or any documents you get. Vietnam Original Travel ensures the validity of price, receipts or documents given to customers. However, the price may be adjusted in the irresistible events such as, the change of currency exchange, governmental taxes…

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