Ngapali Beach Relaxation

Yangon – Thandwe -  Ngapali Beach  - Thandwe - Yangon - Departure


Plan a beach vacation in Burma (Myanmar) ? Choose Ngapali beach

Relax and get away from it all with a beach break at Ngapali. This secluded location is still very hard to reach by road, but a short flight from Yangon will get you to its serene beaches and crystal clear waters. Spend the day lazing away under a palm tree, snorkeling in the clear waters or visiting the nearby black sand island.

Itinerary & maps

ngapali-beach-relaxationDay 1: Yangon – Thandwe

Day 2: Ngapali Beach 

Day 3: Ngapali Beach - Rlelaxation

Day 4: Thandwe - Yangon


Program details

Day 1: Yangon – Thandwe

After your breakfast at hotel, you will be picked-up and transferred to Yangon Airport for the flight to Thandwe. It only takes about 1 hours for the route. Upon arrival at Thandwe airport, you will be picked-up and then move to the resort on Ngapali Beach.

Day 2 and 3: Ngapali Beach  Relaxation

Spend next days to relax on the beach or join beach activities. You can either have sunbath on the beautiful white sand beach or just move to the Pleasant View island for great view over the blue waters of the Bengal Bay. Besides, you can take part in the watersports such as, snorkeling, scuba diving or visit Pearl and Zalat Htone ilsands nearby. Also renting a bike and visiting villages to see pottery crafts are good idea.

Day 4: Thandwe - Yangon - Departure

Today is your last day in Thandwe. Have a breakfast before transferred back to Yagon for a connecting flight to next destinations.

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