When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam?

When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam?

How to read the weather indicators in Vietnam? When to go to the north of Vietnam? When to go to central Vietnam?  When to go to the south of Vietnam?

Above are the information you will find before traveling to Vietnam. Being a local tour operator in Vietnam, we know our country very well that we want to share our knowledge that may help you have an overall information in hand before visiting our beautiful country.

When is the best season to visit Vietnam?

The best period to visit Vietnam is between March and May, when it is not much rainy or hot in the whole country. The temperature is mild. You can reply on the calendar to organize your trip and can still enjoy our traditional festivals.

How to read our weather indicators?

We have set up a simple diagram to be able to be understood easily by all people that you can find the best time for sun, when should be avoided due to the rain or heat. The weather of 3 regions is different so you can choose the best time to visit all based on the diagram.


A specific geography

You firstly need to understand the specific geography of Vietnam. It is a thin but long country, stretching over nearly 1650 km from north to south. The country’s geography should be taken into consideration because the climate in Vietnam is quite different among three regions North, Center and South. Furthermore, we need to have a look at its width as the Northeast and Northwest in the Northern Vietnam; North Central, South Central Coast and Central Highland are also different because of their altitudes.

When to go to the north of Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam is only area where you can contemplate the famous terraced rice fields. Let have a look at the below to learn more about the different seasons if you want to visit the North Vietnam.

The suggestion for the North Vietnam is divided into two with the one for mountain areas and the other for the plain area. The best time to visit Northern mountain is between late August and early October when all terraced rice fields are filled up with the yellow mixed with the green of forests and white of streams, all of which make the scenery more romantic. It is the time for those who love beautiful terraced rice fields. However, it is in the rainy season, we can see much rain with the possibilities of landslides on the mountain areas.

cao bang - best place to see terraced rice fields

Regarding the plain, March to early May is the best when it is sunny and warm with little rain which totally perfect for cruising in Halong Bay.

Between January and February, there are drizzles that may last for some days. There will be little sunshine, but it may would be a good time for those who hate the heat and sun.

When to go to the Central Vietnam?

The best time to visit the Central Vietnam (including Hue, Danang and Hoi An) is from January to April when it is warm but not hot which is still suitable for both beach relaxing and landscape contemplation.
June and July: it is quite hote with the temperature up to 40oC. However, if you love to relax on the beautiful beaches and resorts in Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang; then it is quite great to travel to Vietnam at this period.


From August to October: the high risk of flooding will be seen in the Center. Hoi An is hardly often affected by the floods that is why it has the name of Venice in Vietnam during this period.

When to go to the South Vietnam?

The best time to visit Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Mekong Delta is between December and mid-February. The special weather of the South Vietnam is warm all year round, but there are two clear seasons:

It is the dry season from October to April when we hardly see the rains and the temperature is about 38oC. It is the most favorable season for sunbathing on the beaches in Phu Quoc, South Central Coast or Con Dao island. Meanwhile, May to September is the rainy season with high humidity and showers being seen at the end of the day.


Our latest tips for Vietnam’s weather

Vietnam is located entirely within the tropical belt of the northern hemisphere, in favor of the tropics with many hurricanes every year especially from July to August. However, with the modern infrastructure and weather early warning, there will be no major danger to travel during this period. The rainy season does not mean rains all day so you can still have a good trip in a rainy day.

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