Proposal on resuming international commercial flights to Vietnam

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), the route tor international commercial flights carrying passengers to Vietnam is divided into 3 phases based on the instruction of Prime Minister.


Phase 1: resume all whole-package flights for those who are Vietnamese based on the form that “all Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam travel agencies coordinate with the diplomatic agencies and local authorities to receive and quarantine all passengers at hotels and operate all flights after being approved by competent authorities.

According to the CAAV, all such flights offer a full package including air tickets, Covid-19 test, quarantined hotels, meals in 15 days, pick-up services…all whole-package flights will be deployed at the same time with the repatriating Vietnamese citizen flights (rescue flights) operated by the government (people are quarantined at military’s campuses.

Phase 2: Plan on operation from 2021 July and deploying with the whole-package flights repatriating Vietnamese citizens at the same time.

Accordingly, deploy regular flights carrying passengers into Vietnam quarantined at hotels without requiring a negative Covid-19 test proof. Passengers are both Vietnamese and foreigners.

This phase initially is applied for the routes Vietnam and Japan, Korea, Taiwan with 4 flights/week/way for all airlines of each country. It is expected to have 24 flights to Vietnam from Japan, Korea and Taiwan with the quarantine for 6,000 – 7,000 passengers.

In order to be operated, airlines must submit the plan of flights including reception of passengers approved by the local authorities where the flights land on.

Passengers pay the full package service to the airlines or assigned partners including: flight tickets, quarantine cost in 15 days at local hotels, airport pick-up service, expense for meals (3 meals/day), Covid-19 test fee.

Phase 3: Plan on operation from 2021 September depending on the Covid-19 vaccine injection process in Vietnam with the evaluation on the community immunity after the mass vaccination.


Operate all regular flights carrying international passengers to Vietnam without quarantine applied the “vaccine passport”

All passengers having negative Covid-19 test proof in 3-5 days before entering to Vietnam and proof of international vaccination provided by government-approved immunization service divisions or under the system of immunization service divisions of WHO to the Covid-19 vaccines that are acknowledged by Vietnam for the efficiency will not be quarantined. Also, all flights must be from the countries and territories that acknowledge the efficiency of Covid-19 vaccine Vietnam approves.

The passengers entering Vietnam must declare with the local authorities where they live and are self-quarantined from 7 to 14 days based on the instruction of Health Ministry.

The passengers not having negative Covid-19 test and international vaccination proof must be quarantined in 14 days and pay all costs (the same as the package flight)

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