Inside The New Luxury Trains From Hanoi To Danang

On 10/20/2023, Vietnam Railways has officially commissioned two luxury trains from Hanoi to Danang: SE19 & SE20. To meet the ever-increasing demands of international and domestic tourists, these two trains have undergone major makeovers, with amazing interior upgrades.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, Deputy General Director of the Hanoi Railway Transport Company, stated that the company has invested in upgrading 28 units and purchased new interior furnishings for the seating coaches, sleeper coaches, and restroom areas.

luxury-train-hanoi-danang-1The new luxury train from Hanoi to Danang

In sleeper coaches, apart from new blankets and pillows, cabin walls have been redecorated with floral patterns, and the air conditioning systems now have adjustable air vents to allow passengers to control the airflow according to their preferences.

The train staff, including train managers and service personnel, are chosen for their experience and good English communication skills. Distinctive uniforms were also designed for this train crew.

luxury-train-hanoi-danang-2SE19/20 train staff in a Sleeper Coach

The coaches are equipped with new hot water dispensers, porcelain washroom facilities, and restroom cubicles. A dining cabin has been furnished for passengers to comfortably enjoy coffee and meals while admiring the scenic views outside. Passengers who wish to buy regional specialties or products served on the train can simply use their smartphone to scan a QR code that provides access to an online shopping website. On this website, passengers can easily select the regional specialties to enjoy on the train or to buy as gifts.

luxury-train-hanoi-danang-3Easy access with QR code on the SE19/20 train

Passengers traveling on the SE19/20 luxury trains from Hanoi to Danang and certain other high-quality trains will have access to VIP lounges and dedicated station entrances. Additionally, home pick-up and drop-off services are provided.

The ticket prices for high-quality trains remain the same as current rates. Specifically, the highest price for weekday travel is 943,000 VND ($38 USD), and the highest price for weekend travel is 1,046,000 VND ($43 USD). The SE20 train has a maximum ticket price of 854,000 VND ($35 USD).

According to Hanoi Railway Transport Company, the first inaugurated train has already reached a capacity of over 90%, with the majority of passengers being tourists.

luxury-train-hanoi-danang-4Passengers on the SE19/20 train

These two trains depart from Hanoi and Da Nang stations each day. Specifically, train SE19 departs from Hanoi at 19:50 and arrives at Da Nang at 12:28 the next day. In the opposite direction, train SE20 departs from Da Nang at 18:10 and arrives at Hanoi at 11:30 the following day.

According to Mr. Dang Sy Manh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Railways, the SE19/20 train is one of the solutions aimed at enhancing service quality to provide passengers with the best possible experience. Subsequently, this initiative will be gradually expanded to other railway routes.


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