How to have the best trip in Vietnam

How to have the best trip in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is not only beautiful with striking terraced rice fields, impressive karst mountains but is rich in history. Vietnam is becoming one of the dreaming destinations for many travelers. Stretching over 1600km from the North to South, Vietnam offers the different beauties from landscape to people and culture. Visit to Vietnam is always an interesting experience when travelers will discover new destinations with the capital of Hanoi in the North or the busiest city of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh in the South. If you are nature lovers, the grandiose mountain ranges in Sapa or mysterious caves in Tam Coc will satisfy your desire. The historical cities will be also included during your travel to Vietnam. In Hue, you will know more about the Imperial city or dynasties of Vietnam or the prime time of Champa Kingdom through its relics of My Son. Vietnam looks like a treasure that is waiting for your discovery from culture, authenticity, history, people and landscape. All information below is just a good suggestion for your best Vietnam trip.


1. Choosing the right season

Choosing the right season to travel to Vietnam is an important criterion to consider. You may spend your stay in Sapa in the fog without seeing the superb rice terraces in winter or see constant rains in the charming cities of Hue and Hoi An in October. Also, your Halong Bay trip may be destroyed due to the hurricanes in July and August. Each season will offer you a favorable aspect but may spoil your trip in general so let pick up the right one.

2. Good packing

Pack enough to enjoy the trip. Do not pack to much stuff into your luggage so you can easily travel in Vietnam from the North to the South. You can find laundry service that is available everywhere in Vietnam with a very good price. Just prepare your luggage according to the season, for exmaple if you visit the Northern mountain, do not forget to bring the raincoat and warm clothes which would be used for the night. To have detailed information, let’s find the useful tip through our topic – when is the best time of the year to visit Vietnam:


3. Make a trip based on your own pace

When you want to see everything in your trip, you cannot get to know the places carefully. If you want to discover all famous sites from the North to South, your trip will become a race, especially if your time is limited. With the trip under 15 days, you are advised to visit 2 regions only so you can have enough time to literally see and enjoy the place, pls check out our Vietnam tour packages to choose a tour that suit your needs. A moderate pace will lead your trip to success.

4. Stay at least one night on Ha Long Bay

01 Day trip to Halong Bay means you will spend most of the time on road because it is around 3 hours traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay. Therefore, you will not have enough time to dip into the breathtaking landscape of Halong Bay. Take one-night trip on cruise to immerse into the beauty and experience all interesting activities on the bay such as, enjoying the striking sunset or sunrise on karst mountain jutting out of the emerald water which looks like a giant mirror.


5. Overnight at the homestay

Overnight at a homestay is a unique experience in your travel to Vietnam. You may not find the convenience because the original homestay in Vietnam only have standard facilities. However, you will be impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of the host. You will experience the beautiful and unique culture and tradition of the locals that you may not find elsewhere. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice the comfort to have the real discovery during traveling.

6. Discover street food

You may find street food hygiene in Vietnam not to meet the standard in your country, but it is regretful if you skip trying street food which makes Vietnam popular in the world. You can enjoy many tasty specialties on streets and immerse in local culture in a friendly atmosphere. A real experience gets you closer to country’s culture.


7. Book a tour through a Vietnam Tour Operator

To avoid unexpected situation in the trip, you should book excursions or whole tour through a local tour operator. There are many local Vietnam tour operator, but each provides different services. Choose a trustworthy English-speaking tour operator so they can understand well your expectation. A professional tour operator always replies your request shortly. Also, check their reliability through feedbacks or reviews of the tour operator through travel forums.

8. Be cautious with taxi

If you want to travel in the cities by taxi, then be cautious with taxi driver. It is not the majority but you may meet some taxi scams. To avoid such situations, you can ask hotel receptionists to book taxi, or you should book reliable taxi companies which are a bit more expensive than others including Mai Linh, Vinasun or Taxi group…Also, you can download and use Grab app to book for your transfers.


9. Buy travel insurance

Insurance is very importance for your travel, especially traveling abroad which can help you out for all unexpected situations in the trip. If you pay your trip through Visa, you will get insurance, but if not, you should buy one in case something happens during the trip.

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