Hang Dau Water Tower In Hanoi Opens To Visitors For The First Time

On the morning of November 17th 2023, the Hang Dau Water Tower was officially opened to visitors after much anticipation. Many locals and tourists eagerly waited in line outside the Hang Dau Water Tower as soon as it opened.

The Hang Dau Water Tower is located at the intersection of the Old Quarter, with a history of over a hundred years, silently witnessing the changes and fluctuations of Hanoi. According to Mr. Do Dinh Hong, Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, the opening of the Hang Dau Water Tower is part of the activities within the framework of the Hanoi Creative Design Festival 2023, organized by the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, the Architecture Magazine, and various other collaborating units.

For the first time, this water tower has been transformed into an artistic space, opening to visitors with the theme "Flow" - ensuring the continuity and regeneration of the heritage.

People visiting Hang Dau Water Tower

The Hang Dau Water Tower (commonly known as Hang Dau Booth, which is a misconception as Hang Dau Booth actually refers to a police station located opposite the tower) is located at the intersection of six streets: Hang Than, Hang Luoc, Hang Giay, Hang Dau, Quan Thanh, and Phan Dinh Phung (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi). Built in 1894, it is one of Hanoi's ancient architectural structures that were constructed by the French.

The Hang Dau Water Tower, with a diameter of 19 meters, is three stories high, with a conical roof and a lightning rod in the middle. The tower has a large steel water tank with a capacity of 1,250 cubic meters, situated on top of eight stone walls. Currently, the Hang Dau Water Tower still maintains its original condition.

The Hang Dau Water Tower at the intersection

The exhibition space inside the Hang Dau Water Tower includes a sound system that produces both natural and artificial sounds of water, and a system of suspended decorations highlighting the urban impact on the natural environment. The intention is to convey to the public the role of water in life and the connection between humans and nature. This is also an opportunity for tourists in Hanoi to experience an impressive artistic space as well as visiting the iconic century-old water tower for the first time.

Artworks from recycled materials 

From the ceiling, a series of iridescent artworks made from recycled urban waste is suspended. Within the structure, there are eight large compartments and four smaller compartments. According to the designers, the sound effects are placed in six main compartments, representing the "six waters" in Eastern philosophy: river water, water in crevices, spring water, rainwater, groundwater, and seawater. Through this event, the designers hope to convey a message about the importance of water as well as our impact on the environment.


Mrs. Dao Thi Minh, who lives on Hoe Nhai Street, expressed her joy at the creative transformation of the Hang Dau Water Tower: "Every day, I pass by here, going to work, going to the market, anywhere. Today, I saw that the Hang Dau Water Tower is beautiful and clean. It’s such an honor for me to witness this at this age. The water flows with different music each time. People nowadays are so well educated, so civilized."

Witnessing this creative transformation, young people are delighted: "I came to Hang Dau Water Tower to see the structure inside. Every time we pass by here, my parents always talk about its history, providing water for the residents in the Old Quarter. When I entered, I was overwhelmed by the artistic arrangement made from recycled products. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for people to finally discover the heritage after 100 years of its existence."

According to the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, the opening hours for the tower for people and tourists to visit are from 9 AM to 5 PM everyday from November 17th to November 26th.

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