Beautiful photos of Nha Trang viewed from the sky

Nha Trang is located in the South coastline of Vietnam which is the only one with the beach located in the central city. Owning many beautiful long sandy beaches and well-known sightseeing, Nha Trang is a top destination that cannot missed when traveling to Vietnam. Amazing photos of Nha Trang city from the sky are lively recorded.


Nha Trang is an administrative center of Khanh hoa which is rich in tourism potential and retreat. This place owns a beautifully beach with emerald water, white sand, mild sea waves, national relics and festival.

The beach on Tran Phu road is 12km long in the bow-shape embracing the city. It has emerald water, parks, tree lines which are very attractive to visitors.


Located on this road, there is a Museum of Oceanography which is nearly 100-year-old with thousands of items from ocean and marine creatures.

Nha Trang is a coastline city which is honored in many lists such as top 10 beautiful places for diving in the world 2020, world’s top 50 most beautiful beaches and one of 29th most beautiful bay in the world.


Square 2-4 is located next to the beach is recognized as the symbol of Nha Trang where citizens and visitors often come to stroll, playing and take photos. Crossing the street is the night market which has many things to sell including clothes, souvenir, food…

Square’s significance is Tram Huong tower with three floors. The first floor is the place for fountain, flower garden, decorative statues. The second floor is sculptured in the sail-shapes and flower-shape. The third floor in the shape of agarwood core looks like a lighthouse while on the top of the tower is crystal ball which looks like a pearl


Tran Phu street is view from the sky. From the central city driving along Tran Phu toward to the North, visitors will arrive Hon Chong vestige and experience the route through pass of Luong Son which is the best place for sunrise and sunset catching.

Dam market is one of the attractive places for visitors to Nha Trang. Built in 1970, there are two floors with the circular architecture and V-shaped roof representing a lotus flower which is considered as a national flower


Nha Trang cathedral (locally known as the stone church or Nui church) is a special architecture of the coastline city which is very attractive to visitors and citizens.

The cathedral was built in 1928 on the Bong mountain which is 12m higher than the street’s surface. Nha Trang cathedral was built by stone and concrete bricks. The architecture is quite similar to the one in Sapa and some other places in Vietnam. A bell tower at the center containing three bells which is easily recognized.


Nha Trang railway station is surrounded by the residence. Was inaugurated in September 1963 on the Thai Nguyen road, the railway station still remains its architecture from the French colony.

The special feature of this station is the road making an incandescent lamp shape. All trains to the station have to slow down to 15km/h.


Ponagar is a Champa tower located on the top of a hill which is about 10m above sea-level at the Cai river’s gate. This is one of the largest Champa heritages in Vietnam and is one of the best place to visit for those who travel to Nha Trang

The tower has 3 floors with the stone steps leading to the top. The tower gate no longer exists. At the middle floor is the place for relaxing and preparing offerings. There are 4 pillar lines at this floor in the octagonal shape with 12 small outer pillars and 10 big inner pillars.


Hon Chong (Husband rock) sightseeing on Pham Van Dong at night is view from the sky. This is the population of large stones in various shapes which are heaped together from the shore to sea.


Some small groups located on the foot of the East hill are called Hon Vo (Wife rock)

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