3 beautiful beaches to hide sun in the Middle Vietnam

3 top beautiful beaches in the center of Vietnam

What are better ways to dive in the cool sea in the hot summer days? Bai Xep (Phu Yen), Quy Nhon beach (Binh Dinh)  or Nha Trang beach (Khanh Hoa), ... are great choices for foreign tourists to Vietnam this summer.

Nha Trang-beach

Nha Trang: Blue sea - white sand - yellow sun

Nha Trang has long been hailed as a paradise with blue sea - white sand - yellow sunshine. Compared with the weather in two other parts of the countries, Nha Trang weather is quite beautiful even in the hot summer in north Vietnam. The nature of Nha Trang beach promises to welcome many international tourists in and out of the country every year to rest.

In the heat of summer, you can temporarily remove the stifling noise by heading towards Nha Trang paradise. Not as harsh as in Hanoi or Saigon,  Nha Trang at summer time is the best choice of many travelers to enjoy the cool air of Nha Trang beach.

Dive and watch stunning coral at Nha Trang

If you do not participate in this adventure activities, you seem to miss an incredible experience in Nha Trang and go home with huge regret. As you drink wine if you do not choose a good grape, the taste is good will not make you happy.

The coral reef view in Nha Trang is a place to attract a lot of tourists, usually at 8am everyone was filled with boat yards - where visitors go out to dive the ocean. Foreign tourists to Nha Trang tend to be strongly tempted by this interesting act thus an increasing number of international travelers have come to explore Nha Trang beach.

Besides sightseeing sightseeing in the beach, visitors can find delicious dishes in Nha Trang such as Lac Canh grilled beef on Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Le Thanh Phuong stewed noodles, To Hien Thanh street cakes ...

In the next article, you will get more special details about this exciting activities...

Beautiful beaches in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is known for its many beautiful beaches, such as Chinh beach, Dau beach, Dai beach, Bang beach ... Besides a main beach running along the city, other beaches in Quy Nhon are beautiful and wild. It is suitable for sun-escaped trip of tourists from the North.

The pristine beaches of Quy Nhon are as beautiful as paradise on earth. Green mountains and blue sea bring Quy Nhon sea a cool summer. In the weekends of the summer, Quy Nhon beaches are always crowded with both domestic and foreign tourists who love to dip themselves  in the blue water.

The beaches of Quy Nhon have one thing in common is nice clean, green, and gentle that is the ideal beaches for those who have never seen such stunning beauty of beaches.  Arriving Quy Nhon, after a refreshing dip in the cool water during the noon summer, you can relax and climb the rocky mountains. Guests can enjoy seafood dishes along with specialties in the land of the martial arts at very low prices.

Quy Nhon fish, delicious dishes in this land.

Quy Nhon has a variety of mouth-watering specialties. That can be mentioned as: bun cha ca Quy Nhon. Fish sauce in Quy Nhon is made from fresh fish with spicy seasoning carefully tasted in the traditional way, with water used mainly from fish bone, and fish head produces pleasant sweet. Nem cho Huyen is the dish without sour taste like nem Hue or as sweet as nem in Southern Vietnam, it is sweet, crispy, and crunchy, with lovely pink color. Banh day Bong Son is originated from Bong Son town, Hoai Nhon district. This is a dish made from rice, but with a different taste. Roasted with a little bit of chives, the cake is spreaded peanut oil then. The aroma of the cake mixed with the aroma of delicious sauce create a rustic dish ...

Bai Xep: Generous sunny wind in the summer

Bai Xep commune in An Chan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province. Probably Phu Yen is the most beautiful beach with a golden sand stretching between two large rocks protruding wild sea and romantic. Phu Yen has been exploited by tourism industry thus the beaches here are still protected and remain extremely natural.

On the left side of the beach is a large strip of black stone with waves fluttering white foam. From the black rock is a smooth golden sand stretching to the southern rock. The place looks like a strip of hills spreading a gown of green grass. The plane is flat, wide, filled with sun and wind. Generous sunny with long grass coverage is an ideal place for young people to camp together for the morning sunrise.

Bai Xep is not difficult to find. From Tuy An district, you follow the National Highway 1 about 20 km south of Sao Viet, follow this road running straight through some idyllic villages and reach the destination.

Tuna - famous specialty of Phu Yen.

Perhaps the deepest impression in the heart of far away tourists is the ocean tuna - one of the most rich dish endowed with this land. Fresh tuna is eaten with green leafy vegetables and aromatic herbs such as basil, mint ... along with delicious sauce. Mustard is mixed with soy sauce, adding a little chili sauce and fresh lemon, creating a salty, sweet, sour, spicy food.

Along with tuna, in the above seafood, oysters are considered a special seafood of the O Loan River. Most oysters are dredged around the year, but the best oysters are probably around late spring and early summer. The oysters are processed into a variety of dishes: dip vinegar, um, banana, but especially into porridge. The most delicious porridge must choose red rice, oysters fresh, along with some regular spices.

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