HCM Agricultural Villages Tour and Cooking Class


Be a real chef, meet the real traditional taste with real local experience!!!

Finding your own personal joy by visiting Agricultural Villages, spend an awesome time to meet our friendly, knowledgeable Chef and share our passionate of healthy food and enjoy great memories from organic farm to dining table.

Get some tips for preparing, cooking, serving and enjoy cooking tasty meals and dessert. 

Join us for the best meal and a great day out!

Itinerary & maps

Tour Start/Ends: 7:30 - 13:30

                           12:30 - 17:30

                           15:00 - 21:00


Program details

7:30 Hotel pick-up and enjoy a ride away from busy city to Agricultural Villages.

Visiting HCM Agricultural Villages including: Cow areas; Buffalo Areas; Rice Fields as well as Fish, Prawn, Chicken, Duck Areas.

Explore Organic Farm and learn about different Vegetables, Mushrooms, Herbs, Spices, Fruits and how to use them for cooking and medicines.

And especially, challenge yourself to become a real Vietnamese Farmer on our traditional hat, picking your own ingredients from the garden for your cooking lesson; bring to the kitchen and transform them into a fantastically tasty meal.

Hands on cooking class include three dishes and one dessert.

Our Chef will give you great Healthy Recipes, Cooking Tips and the best ways to make healthy, simple and delicious Vietnamese meals.

In a warm atmosphere, everyone will cook together with each own material and ingredients, enjoy making them step by step with our Chef for a better understanding of cooking techniques.

Then, enjoy your lunch.

Get certificate, souvenirs and receiving copies of the recipes and update healthy recipes monthly through email.

13:30 Back to Saigon and tour ends.

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