Halong Bay Shore Excursions - Day Tour

Bai Chay habor - Tuan Chau Marina - Bai Chay harbor


Get away from your ship to dip into the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay with mysterious stories and caves. The Halong Bay shore excursions take you closer to the breathtaking scenery of the 7th World Wonder. During the tour, you will not only be impressed by the beauty of the bay or caves with magnificent stalacties and stalagmites but soaked into the mysterious legend of the bay

Itinerary & maps

Started at 8.00/13.00    and   Finished at:12.00/17.00


Program details

7:30 am to 8:00 am: be welcomed and picked up by our guide and driver at the port then transfer to Tuan Chau marine port where you will do a cruise to explore Halong Bay. Upon arrival at Tuan Chau, board on a private boat to enjoy 4-hour (or 6-hour cruising) in Halong Bay which is the 7th World Wonder and recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. Halong means “the descending dragon”. The legend has it that mother dragon and her children descended to the land splitting out fire and thousands of emeralds to protect the area towards to the invaders. Later, the emeralds were formed karst mountains jutting out the water. Halong is the most beautiful natural site in Vietnam that cannot be missed during your trip to Vietnam. Besides enjoying the beautiful landscape, you will explore the Heavely Palace which is recognized the most wonderful cave in Halong with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. Enjoy lunch on board with local seafood and typical Vietnamese dishes. Finally, return to Tuan Chau marine port for the transfer back to your cruise port. End of service.

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