There are many tour companies and travel agencies in Vietnam. Some are very professional and serious but others are not. These tour companies and travel agencies in Vietnam are not recognized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. However, they create websites to sell tours and excursions with very competitive prices. Accordingly, the service qualities are much poorer than the authorized travel agencies. In addition, they will not be responsible for troubles and problems caused to their customers and customers cannot claim and do not know who and where these tour companies and travel agencies are, to whom customers can report. Also, the authority cannot penalize these tour companies and travel agencies because unofficial addresses and websites.


It is not easy to make a decision and stick your journeys to a truly serious, competent and professional tour comapnies and travel agencies in Vietnam because it is very far from your country to Vietnam and to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Below information aims to revive your confidence and answer all frequently questions asked by our customers during the first time of exchanging with our travel consultants. Accordingly, we hope that you will find it useful for your journeys and that get deeper understanding about our services.

Vietnam Original Travel is a one of the most reputable tour companies and travel agencies in Vietnam, a customized travel specialist in Vietnam and South East Asia whose sales team will take care and give you the best advices before, during and after your trip. We would like you to be the designers of your own journeys to obtain a non-existent human aspect in already prepare programs

The FAQ here will help you to gain a better preparation before the trip to Vietnam and to South East Asia. If you cannot find your expected answers, please do not hesitate to contact directly our travel experts.

Vietnam Original Travel is local travel agency in Vietnam with the head quarter in Ho Chi Minh City. With more than 20 years of experience, we are proud to be a professional, dynamic and enthusiastic team. Here is some brief information about us:



Professional License: 01024 / TCDL – GPLHQT

Specialization: customized and private tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand
Sales method: our customers booking directly through the email, phone or skype publically,

Slogan: Discovery and sharing

Logo: Vietnam Original Travel is the symbol of the ambition and commitment. It evokes the passion and escape from the limitation: a boy on a buffalo playing the flute. It is a symbol and inseparable from VIETNAM ORIGINAL TRAVEL

Head Office: Suite B11.25, River Gate Residence, 155 Ben Van Don St, Dist 4, Ho Chi Minh

Hanoi Office: 10th floor, Trico Building, 548 Nguyen Van Cu St, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam


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  • Expert local customized tour package
  • Local expert offering very competitive price
  • Fully professional licensed
  • Long experience and authentic approach
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Quick response (within 08 hours)
  • High responsibilities
  • Authentic and original itineraries 
  • Honesty and trustworthy
  • Online reservation and payment, 100% guarantee
  • Lowest price - value gurrantee - no hidden costs

The authorities in Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand require travel agencies obtaining a professional license. This requirement is to ensure that travel agencies must be competent, professional and have sufficient financial resources to ensure the responsibilities for any issues caused. Our professional license is – No: 01024/TCDL – GPLHQT. Pls read more : our legality 

In Vietnam, our license was issued by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism who is under the management of Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. Our branches in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand also own national licenses.

Traveling with Vietnam Original Travel means that your trips are secured and defended from scams and troubles.

You do not have to take any vaccines or obtain vaccination certificate before traveling to Vietnam. However, the Pasteur Institute recommends that you should have the injection of the following vaccinations: Tetanus, Diphtheria, Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis B, Meningitis A, C, hepatitis A, Malaria.

In regard to malaria vaccination, it is currently controlled in Vietnam. If your trips are only in cities, this type of vaccination is not necessary. However, you are advised to take the vaccine when traveling or trekking to the mountainous areas.

In order to have a great trip, we also suggest you to have multi-vitamins, vitamin C, aspirin, pain relief, cold and sore throat medication (especially in the summer).

There are over 700 agencies offering tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. We aware of the fierce competition and challenges, but also recognize the opportunity to stand out.

The general spirit is to bring you the most authentic things, avoid mass tourism and to fit your wishes. We always design varied, rich and original programs until that suit your special request.

We always carefully listen to each customer’s wish because the tastes of travelers are different. Communication with our travel specialists will help you to have the best choices. When the proposals are sent to you, you can evaluate and change to suit your need perfectly.

Our sales conditions are very transparent and they constitute contractual framework in which the trips take place.   

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