Explore Cu Chi Tunnels by Scooter


The perfect choice for those who love to learn about the history during the Vietnam War and at the same time want to take a trip near Saigon to understand the lives of local people with natural scenery.


Itinerary & maps

explore-cu-chi-tunnels-by-scooterTour Start/End: 7:30 - 14:30 

Price: 65 USD

Tour includes: Trasportation; Friendly English Speaking Guide; Morning Vietnamese Coffee; Entrance Fees; Drink Break (Sugarcane Juice); A Local Lunch; Bottled Water; High Quality Helmet

Program details

7:30 We will pick you up at your hotel.


Head out of the city through traffic into a local area for a cup of Vietnamese coffee at a local coffee shop.


Walk around the forest after watching a short introductory video showing how the tunnels were constructed and the soldiers through vivid documentary films.


Go underground to explore the tunnel, the rudimentary hand-drug tunnel system used during the war, the fascinating site of the tunnels.


You will have the opportunity to crawl inside the tunnels if you want.


Find out how fighters lived in underground road, the arts of work such as: hospital areas, school rooms, storage room, office rooms at Cu Chi Tunnels.


Visit the area displaying rudimentary weapons, cooking facilities, making shoes and the various traps used during the war, trap door covers with leaves.


Check out how brilliant Vietnamese people during the war, how they put booby traps everywhere in the forest and imagine they create tunnels that connects everywhere for them to be able to escape easily.


Besides, guests who like to experience shooting can try at the firing range; discover the weapons used by the Cu Chi army during the war for extra charge. Wear the ear protection and go down for a photo-shoots before taking your AK47 shoot.


In addition, visit traditional villages of making rice paper, cooking rice wine and enjoy the taste of boiled tapioca with salted sesame sauce - delicious specialty of Cu Chi Tunnels.


12:00 Leave the tunnels.


We will stop for a freshing sugarcane juice and relax a bit before getting back to Saigon.


14:30 Enjoy a traditional Beef Noodle Soup.


15:00 Back to your hotel.

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