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With years of experience in several travel agencies in Vietnam as tour operators, speaking guide, travel consultant, manager, I found Vietnam Original Travel.

I have decided to present the image, history and the richest culture of these countries. I am aware of the importance of the quality of deliverables: the development, monitoring and control programs while directing its action towards an ethics: the realization of a fair trade and sustainable human development in the respect of an already fragile environment. Also, I have found many of its customers who have shared the same aspiration, back to him to discover other destinations in Southeast Asia.

Be satisfied, they regularly recommend Vietnam Original Travel on various travel forums, travel guides, their families, friends and other relationships or knowledge

Manh Duc like to introduce you to uncharted or poorly regions visited. Its ambition is to support people in these remote countries, to help them move towards an improvement in their living conditions by giving them access to health care or education. During his visits he brings warm clothing, hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc ..) or school supplies. 1% of the travel price is booked directly to humanitarian projects in Vietnam

If you want to join this project, please join via: sales@vietnamoriginal-travel.com

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