Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong which is located at an altitude of 1500m above the sea level, so it is very cool and ideal for relaxing. Dalat is very famous for Love valley, Than Tho lake, Hai Mo pine hill, Voi waterfall, Langibang mountain’s peak, Bao Dai palace, private residence of Tran Le Xuan, Truc Lam zen monastery, Tuyen Lam lake and Dalat railway station…Located only 300km from Saigon, Dalat is an amazing place for relaxing which help visitors escape from the humidity of the South.


Flight: There are many direct flight from Hanoi, Danang or Saigon to Lien Khuong airport (Dalat) operated by Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air. The fare is from VND 900,000 (US $45) to VND 1,600,000 (US $75) and it consumes 50 minutes to 1.40 hours for the flight.

Note: From Lien Khuong airport, you can take buses or taxi to central city with the cost of VND 50,000 (US $2) and VND 300,000 (US $15) respectively. Buses from the airport run continuously with the end stop at Le Thi Hong Gam right in front of Dalat market.

Bus: There are many buses from Saigon to Dalat operated by Phuong Trang and Thanh Buoi with the price of VND 230,000 (US $11)/person/way. There is bus every 30 minutes.

Contacts of buses:

Phương Trang: 08.3837 5570 – 08. 38 333 468

Thanh Buoi: 08. 38 306 306 – 08. 38 308 090

Limousine: the luxury Limousine of Minh Tri is the VIP type which offers 9-seat with massage mode. Specifically, 4 front seats are covered with leather, and you use swing, lean and slide modes. Three back seats are folded to be beds which will bring the passengers a complete comfort. It costs VND 250,000 (US $12) per person.

Hotline: (063) 655 9999 – (063) 350 8989





Dalat and Am Phu (Hell) market: these are “cannot-be-missed” places for visitors to Dalat. There are many specialties sold here such as, mulberry extracted juice, artichoke tea or jams…

Xuan Huong lake: is the symbol of Dalat. It is the most beautiful during sunrise and sunset. There are some interesting activities including: kayaking, duck boats and canoes.

Bao Dai palace or III palace: the charming palace located on the hill with the height of 1539 m above the sea level. Location: on Trieu Viet Vuong, 2.5km from the center to the South.

Dalat railway station: located at No 1 Quang Trung, the railway station is the wonderful place for photo hunters.

Dalat flower garden:  located on No 2 Phu Dong Thien Vuong street, 2km from the center. Visitors often go to this place to enjoy the beautiful flowers and take photos.

Dalat Cathedral (or chicken church): there is a bell in the shape of a chicken on the top of the cathedral. This is the biggest cathedral in Dalat which is the oldest and typical building from the French colony.

Trai Mat railway station – Linh Phuoc pagoda: there are some tourist sites in Trai Mat including reatreat camp of the king Bao Dai, Trai Mat market and Linh Phuoc pagoda. The pagoda was built by terra-cotta and especially, a dragon made of 12,000 beer bottles.



Love valley: is a romantic and tranquil place in Dalat which is located 6km from the center to the Northeast. You can walk along to reach Vong Canh hill and enjoy the panoramic view of the valley.

Suoi Vang (golden stream) valley/Suoi Vang lake: from the center, travel to the North, to Lac Duong, you will reach km7 of Tung Lam, then turn left, travel on a road in 12 km, you will arrive in Suoi Vang. The way to Suoi Vang is really wonderful so you should bring camping tools if you want to enjoy the beauty.

Langbiang mountain: located 12km from the center to the North. There are two options for your trip to the top of mountain including climbing or by jeep (VDN 180,000 – US $8) which takes 15 minutes to the top. If trekking, it will take 1.30 hours for the trip. There are beautifully wild flowers on both sides of road. It is so fabulous on the top of the mountain and you can enjoy roasts dishes here.

Cu Lan village: is a new destination of Dalat travel. This is a small beautiful village located in the middle of primeval jungle at the bottom of Langbiang mountain which is 9km from the Vang (golden) valley on the way to Suoi Vang (Golden) – Suoi Bac (silver) stream.



Tuyen Lam lake: is located at an altitude of 1000m above the sea level and 5km from the center to the South on the way to Prenn pass. At this place, you can rent a boat to the island which costs VND 200,000 (US $9) for round trip, you can share with others to reduce the cost.

Truc Lam zen monastery: located on the Phung Hoang mountain, this is not only the biggest monastery in Lam Dong, but also attractive destination of Dalat. There is a cable car station in front of Truc Lam. Therefore, you can buy a ticket to enjoy the beautiful city and pine forest (VND 50,000 – US $2 for a round trip).

Prenn waterfall: located right at the beginning of the pass on the road 20 from Saigon to Dalat which is 10km from the center to the South. To Prenn waterfall, besides enjoying the stunning waterfall surrounded by pine forest, you can enjoy snakeheads which is the local specialty with the price of VND 160,000 (US $7) to VND 200,000 (US $9) for 4 people.

Datanla waterfall: is very attractive to visitors for its clean water flowing through 7 layers of mountain. It is 5km from the center, the waterfall is located at the middle of Prenn pass. From the road 20, turn right and go down the pass, we will see a small valley and the waterfall which looks very impressive and wild.



Voi waterfall – Linh An pagoda: located in Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, 25 km from Dalat to the Southwest. The sacred waterfall of Rowoa or Voi is one of the most beautiful ones in the central highland with the height of 30m and the width of 15m. Behind the waterfall are mysteriously deep caves such as, Doi (bat), Gio (wind) caves…Linh An pagoda is located in the Voi waterfall tourist area. There are many Buddhist statues which are in large sizes and sculptured very carefully.

D’ren town: located on the bottom of D’ren pass on the way to Dalat. D’ren is famous for the wild golden sunflowers and fruitful persimmon trees. You can enjoy grilled spring rolls with unforgettable taste.

Pongour waterfall: is locally known as Bay Tang (seven floors) located on Duc Trong district, 50km from Dalat. Its height, length and width are 40m, 7 floors and 100m respectively.

Dambri waterfall: is located 100km from Dalat or 200km from Saigon. The waterfall is 18 km from Bao Loc city to the Northeast. This is the highest waterfall in 40m long in Dalat forming 2 grandiose flows.



Hot pot with chicken:

The best place to try is Tao Ngo street restaurant located on 3/4 street (2km from Xuan Huong lake). A hot pot which costs VND 200,000 (US $9) with a half of chicken, a bowl of noodle, a bowl of mushroom and bamboo cut into the “chess-shaped” deserved trying.

Cong beef noodle – No 1 Phu Dong Thien Vuong

Located right at the cross-road of Dai Hoc, on the way to Lang Biang, this restaurant is famous for beef noodle in the breakfast. A bowl of noodle only costs VND 35,000 (US $1.5) with full of beef and steamed ground pork.

Noodle with Vietnamese sausage – 15 Nha Chung

A bowl includes fired sausage, ground fish, pork and pig’s trotter. In particular, noodle is made by the chef’s way so it is still kept tough. This is one of the most delicious dishes used in the breakfast in Dalat. Many restaurants serve this food, but the noodle of the restaurant in 15 Nha Chung is the most delicious.

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