Cao Bang

Cao Bang is endowed by nature with many beautiful landscape, forests and imposing mountains. Besides, Cao Bang is also impressive due to its historical sites. The weather is divided into two seasons wet and dry ones. The wet season is started from April to September, whereas the dry season is from October to March. During the dry, the temperature is mild with the appearance of fog and hoarfrost. If you want to see Ban Gioc waterfall, the best time is around September when the beauty of the fall is filled up by water. However, November is the best time for those who love to see buckwheat flowers.



The terrain of Cao Bang is quite complicated. Travelers can only travel by land to visit this province with 4 national road system: 3, 4A, 34 and 4C.

Travelers can either take private or public transport. For buses, you can take ones in My Dinh bus station and it is around 8 hours ride. After that, you can take private motorbikes or local buses to travel in Cao Bang.


Ban Gioc waterfall

Is the 4th largest waterfall in the world located in Trung Khanh bordering with China. This is the most beautiful natural waterfall in South East Asia that cannot be missed during the trip in this land

Nguom Ngao cave

Is just 3km from Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao is 2144m long with three main gates: Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Nguom Ban Thuon. The cave was discovered by the French in 1921. There are numerous stalactites in the fabulous shapes.

Pac Po historic cave

Pac Bo is the place where Ho Chi Minh lived and working after returning to Vietnam from 1941 – 1945.

Le Nin Stream

Located inside the historic site of Pac Po, the stream looks like a blue pearl that is endowed by the nature in the Northeast.

Phuc Sen forging village

This craft village is over 200-year-old and is one of the most unique village in Cao Bang and Vietnam as well.

Weekly markets

In the mountainous area, villages are far from each other. Some villages have just few houses, weekly markets are not only the place for trading but also for exchanging information and finding lovers.


Coong Phu cake (floating cake)

Made from sticky rice mixed with little ordinary rice. Inside the cake is filled up by peanut mixed with sugar and sesame.

Steamed rice roll

Steamed rice roll is very popular in the North, but the roll here is very unique and very different with the ones in other places. Unlike the steamed rice roll dipped into the sauce in Hanoi or Ha Nam in the plain area, the rice roll here is dipped into the broth made from boiled ribs.

Peng Ray cake (ant’s egg cake)

Is a special cake of Tay people in the Northeast. The cake is made from egg of ants. The cake is only made in a certain time – late April and early May when the ants give a lot of birth to eggs.

Trung Khanh chestnut

Thanks to the mild climate, chestnut in Trung Khanh is abundant with very good taste.

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