Can Gio

If you are looking for a "wind change" place not far from Saigon, you can "pocket" the following travel experience to be able to have a good time on weekends. Can Gio is an attractive weekend destination for people in Saigon and surrounding areas.

The distance from Ho Chi Minh City - Can Gio is only 50km, Can Gio is like a green oasis with immense mangrove forests, interspersed with luxuriant orchards of fruit trees, especially fresh seafood dishes. Speaking of delicious dishes Can Gio, first of all to mention seafood. Can Gio has a coastline of about 13 km, mostly clam grounds that are raised in the natural environment.



You can move down to Can Gio by motorbike or bus.

Bus: You can take the bus line 75 from the 23/9 park straight to Can Gio, or from Ben Thanh, take the 20 bus to Binh Khanh ferry, you buy tickets via ferry, then catch Next bus 90 goes straight to Can Gio city, walk 10 to the sea. When taking the bus you should keep in mind the time of the last trip to keep up with the city.

Ferry: Green way from Binh Khanh ferry to Can Gio

Motorbike: If traveling by motorbike, it is very simple, running straight on Huynh Tan Phat Street, Nha Be to Binh Khanh ferry, the price for motorbike is VND 4,500. Crossing the ferry and running straight a forest road Forest close to 40km will reach the center of Can Thanh commune and Can Gio sea, all the attractions such as Monkey Island, Vam Sat ... are on the way, very convenient.

However, there are the following points you need to keep in mind before conquering the short-distance Can Gio road:



Monkey Island: Speaking of the island but actually a mangrove forest, there is a dirt road to the forest. Along the road are the forest of thousands, many birds and especially numerous monkeys. You can feed monkeys.

Visiting Monkey Island you should note that the monkeys here are lovely but very brave, not afraid of people, you must pay attention to bags, backpacks, mobile phones, otherwise the monkey will get lost and bring up the top of the tree. Many bad tourists laugh and cry because they get stolen by monkeys without knowing who to blame.

Vam San Tourist Area: This is the world's most sustainable eco-tourism resort in Vietnam, recognized by the World Tourism Organization WTO. You can wander on the canoe watching the blue river, leisurely birds looking for prey, the sun shining on the canopy and the typical flora. Do not forget to climb Tang Bong tower 26 m high, watching the whole view of the resort. In addition, you can participate in activities such as fishing and sailing.

Battle of Sac forest: this is an important floating base of Saigon in the years of resistance war. Here, you can learn history through rebuilt models.

Can Gio Beach: The most visited tourist area is 30.4 Beach. Can Gio Sea is alluvial sea so it has brown opaque color instead of green like other seas. If you don't like to swim, you can play on the beach with your friends. If not, you can rent to the coastal shops and relax while watching the sea. Can Sea is not as beautiful as other tourist beaches but if you want to enjoy the fresh sea flavor without having to travel far, Can Gio is the best choice. According to Can Gio travel experience, the most beautiful sea view is sunset.

Can Thanh Town: Not far from the city center, but just arrived in Can Thanh, you have a different feeling: fresh air, peaceful trees, small houses adjacent to each other create a feeling close.

Hang Duong Market: Hang Duong Market is a market focusing on seafood of fishermen after a day of catching. Visit this famous place in Can Gio, in addition to visiting the market, you can buy seafood, ask people to prepare and bring it to the sea to enjoy. However, some phượt players share, in addition to buying at the market, you can buy seafood at the barns. The price and quality of seafood in the stall may be superior to the market.

Thanh An Island

Thanh An Island is very attractive to you guys, coming to Thanh An tour, you will feel the peaceful atmosphere. Seafood in Thach An Island is very fresh and very cheap, some households on the island open seafood baking service for tourists, especially octopus, squid and shrimp. Experience a day on Thanh An Island at the weekend will bring you many pleasant and comfortable feelings.

Thieng Lieng Island: Although it is also one of the island communes under Can Gio, Thieng Lieng island is less known. That's because the road to the island is difficult. From Can Thanh town, you take a boat to Thanh An island. Like Thanh An Island, Thieng Lieng Island does not have any travel services.



Can Gio coconut water: If you have come here, you should enjoy a glass of water coconut, the specialty of the mangrove areas. Fresh and cool water, medium crispy coconut meat crispy, eat not bored.

Seafood: Referring to Gio is a thought of seafood. Seafood in Can Gio is not cheaper than Ho Chi Minh City, but it is fresh, but it is also dancing. You can go to market 30.4, 50 meters from Can Gio beach to buy seafood.

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